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Be The Leader

Act with Clarity, Focus & Empathy



How will you be remembered during this time?


How you decide to show up and how you lead matters more than ever.


Our modern world was variously described as volatile, uncertain, and complex long before COVID-19 gave new scale to those words. This virus has exposed fractures and fault lines that were problematic before, hardly representing the “back” to which any of us want to return.


What this means for you is that the COVID-19 virus has thrown the world into a ripeness for change. It’s the time for you to co-create what people are craving.


What’s required of leaders during this moment of exceptional uncertainty?


Focus, topnotch decision-making, and crystal clear, trustworthy communication.


Organizations reflect their leaders & team members will follow your lead. When your energy is high, your actions congruent with your words, your presence produces trust. With that foundation  – engagement and right action follow.


Meeting the challenges ahead will require a re-invention of old ways of doing business, of working together, and the cultivation of a new kind of leader. 


In other words, it starts with you. 


And, you happen to be perfectly positioned to create and offer something that can shift culture and help build new futures.


Being a transformative leader is about holding a vision for something different in the world. It comes with unique challenges to our attention, our way of being in the world, and our connections with one another.


While you can’t erase the uncertainty your organization and people are facing, you do have the power to respond to their challenges with intention, integrity and honesty.


Here’s one thing I do know – you can come out of this pandemic even stronger than you came into it by being intentional about how you direct your energy and communicate with your people.

Our collective tomorrow will be determined by listening our way into a new reality.


  • Unclear about your next right leadership steps given the complexity of everything


  • Concerned about how to answer all the questions that you don’t have answers to


  • Struggling to navigate distress about the state of the economy & whether it will lead to layoffs, lost revenue or bankruptcy


  • Troubled, thinking that what you’re doing isn’t enough or doesn’t matter


  • Questioning the ways that you’ve been leading & communicating, & what needs to shift


  • Wanting the opportunity to find out what other leaders (outside your organization) are doing in their businesses, what’s worked and what to avoid


  • Worrying about the physical & mental health impacts on your people & what you’ll do about it


Extraordinary leadership is a way of being that begins with attention and awareness.



Remember, there is a way forward when we come together to envision different realities and solutions,  give them roots and put them into action in sustainable, impactful and nourishing ways. We can train for these times.

The way forward may not be easy, yet the resilience we build together will flatten our own curve.




Focused, decisive, energized & caring.


  A heart-centered leader who cultivates trust, creates psychological safety &

powerfully co-creates outstanding value. 







Hi, I’m Chris Johnson, PsyD, founder of Q4 Consulting, Inc. & creator of Be The Leader People Crave: Act with Clarity, Focus & Empathy,


I’m passionate about embodied learning & leadership (it changed my life!) & leveraging it to cultivate strong leaders, healthy workplaces, & engaged, thriving communities–like you & yours! 



Today we need strong leadership more than ever so I spend my time creating learning opportunities & coaching folks to embody just that!


About 15 years ago I went through a big transformation in my own learning & leadership, a process that had amazing impact!


It’s based on a few things that both fascinate me & the show positive, proven effects: mindfulness, embodied learning & the power of how we think & speak to make the biggest difference in leading our lives!






Plus, I bring my 25 + years of experience & learning  as a trauma psychologist, business owner, mindfulness teacher, somatic coach & aikido practitioner to bear in this course: what works, what doesn’t & what it takes to bring your vision to your people clearly, effectively & with heart.



  • Identify Costly Distractions to You & Your Business
  • Bust Your Multitasking Habit  & Why it’s a Bad Idea
  • Train Your Brain to Transform Stress
  • Make Top-Notch, Value-Based Decisions


  • Harness Your Body’s Energy for Greatest Impact
  • Why a Clear Purpose & Core Values Need to Drive Your Actions
  • Prioritize Your Opportunities & Adapt Your Resources Seamlessly


  • The Most Overlooked Skill of Remarkable leaders – Embodied Listening
  • You Are What You Say: The Conversation IS the Relationship
  • Triggers are the Gateway to Presence & Empowering Your People


  • 3 Essential Questions to Ditching the Drama Triangle
  • Craft Conversations for Action & Possibility
  • Create Your Be The Leader–a Conscious Leadership Map


JOIN NOW for $497 (USD)

Or 2 payments of $250 US.

If you’re ready to jump in, click & choose the best payment plan for you.





Be the Leader People Crave is in creation or beta mode which means that when you register for this course, you’re getting access to the content as it’s being created!


The course will run for 4 consecutive weeks starting June 8th.  We’ll meet twice—Monday & Thursday--for 60 minutes each meeting at 1 p.m. CST.  On Monday’s I’ll be presenting material, which you can access that Sunday before, and then you’ll be able to tap into the homework over the next few days. On Thursday’s call we’ll have the opportunity to put it all to together.


The coursework includes videos, audio files, written content and a resource guide that you’ll be able to access after that first call of the week, on Monday at 1 p.m. CT.


The content and community are hosted on Podia and the weekly Group Coaching session will be via Zoom. Upon registration you’ll receive all the info you need to access Podia with all the course materials.




Pre-work includes taking an online assessment, the Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI).

The FEBI is a pragmatic tool that will provide insight into your preferences around four energy patterns – Driver, Organizer, Collaborator and Visionary — by measuring nervous-system functions observed in movement, thoughts, feelings and everyday work behaviors.  You’ll receive a report that we’ll review together in a 30-minute call, so you can integrate your results into your final plan.

From the FEBI, you will learn:

  • A deeper way to understand yourself, the people you work with, your significant relationships, clients and customers.

  • An integrated mind-body view into your own use of the four patterns, comprising a whole and balanced leader.

  • An individually designed way to further develop as an integrated leader.

  • A powerful way of reading the energy of teams and organizations.



The first you can use pronto, an audio recording entitled, Relax at Work, designed for busy leaders.


Be the Leader planner  is a second bonus that you can download & fill out each day to work with your energy & commitments.


Your final bonus, & because I’m committed to you Being that Leader that People Crave to follow, you’ll receive a 45- minute coaching call with me that you can set up during the 4 weeks of the course.




You’ll receive all of the following for Be The Leader People Crave

  • 4 hours of instruction & 4 hours of group coaching throughout the 4 weeks to apply your learning, a total of 8 hours

  • Online course to access materials 

  • Bonus #1: Relax at Work, Audio file

  • Bonus #2: Be the Leader daily planner

  • Bonus #3: 45 minute Core Presence Coaching Call

  • $497 for Introductory Pilot (valued at $997). For this price I’m asking you to participate wholeheartedly, complete a survey & follow up interview, post-course, to assist in making the course even better!


Why do I need this course? Can't I learn this on my own?

Of course you can.  Yet we’re living in unprecedented times, requiring a new kind of leader. Leaders grow & make meaning for their people—together.

Beside, if you’re into the DIY approach, you may end up feeling more isolated, frustrated & stuck, not great in COVID era.

All of us can benefit from alternative perspectives since they sharpen our awareness, and open possibilities. Top athletes rely on their coaches to bring out their strengths, improve on their weaknesses, & push their best performance. The same is true in life and work.

Plus I bring 25 years of expertise to share with you—it’s a shortcut, catalyst & quickest way to get up to speed.

I’m super busy and overwhelmed these days. How many hours of my time will the course take?

Busy-ness is not only common today, but often paraded around as a badge of honor. It’s not.  Being busy can deplete all your energies, those you really need to make a difference.  Practically speaking you’ll spend 3 hours a week, either on a call with classmates or learning the material.


What results can I expect to see?
  • *Focused attention on what’s important.
  • Clarity around where you’re energy’s actually going vs. where you think it’s going.
  • Clarity around your Core Values & how you’re living them. 
  • Increased Empathy & an ability to communicate it like never before.

Truth be told, your own level of your engagement and commitment will drive how fast you see results.

I've never invested in myself life this before. How can I justify this expense?

It’s difficult at times to believe that we’re worth the investment of this kind of focus and attention, scary even. 

Yet, in today’s COVID environment, it’s especially helpful to have the support of others  to holding us to our own commitments. Going it alone simply prolongs the process of moving towards developing the skills and tapping into your aspirations for the future.

 Plus, what’s the cost to you if you don’t uplevel your leadership today?


What if I'm still not sure this course is for me or I have another question?

Let’s have a 1:1 call & take care of that.

Any questions you have are welcome. If the course isn’t right for you, I’ll likely have other resources I can share. Schedule a time with me here so we can talk about your concerns in more detail & I can answer any questions you might have.

What if I realize this just isn't for me?

I know how valuable this offer is based on client feedback. I stand 100% behind this offer.  There’s a full money back guarantee if you’re not loving this program after the first session!


JOIN NOW for $497 (USD)

Or 2 payments of $250 US.

If you’re ready to jump in, click & choose the best payment plan for you.




You’ll know you’re ready to become a leader for our times by joining Be the Leader People Crave if…


  • You’ve begun to realize that the old ways of doing things aren’t working right now. You’re seeing the gaps & want to go deeper than temporary, surface fixes. You want to build your resilience by gaining more knowledge of your energy and mindset so you can show up prepared for whatever lies ahead in work and life.


  • You’ve been working to build your leadership skills for years & have made great strides. Now, you’re ready to understand yourself & your work as part of a bigger ecosystem to increase your impact and create your legacy. If not now, when?


  • You already know who you are as a leader & want it to translate better through your Core Presence, communications & relationships with your people & stakeholders.


  • You have no problem investing a few hours a week as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest will result in giving you the ability to hone your focus on what matters most, while creating a more balanced, caring, forward-looking workplace.


  • You’re excited to join the Be the Leader People Crave course! As an experienced leader and communicator, you’re currently feeling a wave of renewed optimism knowing you have the opportunity right now to create significant changes in way you & your people approach your work internally, in the marketplace and in the world.


  • You feel confident hitting the Register Now button knowing you have a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s clear &  simple. Show up for our calls, engage in the practices & experience positive shifts in your mindset, body & resilience, or request a full refund on this program.


JOIN NOW for $497 (USD)

Or 2 payments of $250 US.

If you’re ready to jump in, click & choose the best payment plan for you.


“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”

-- Rabbi Shemuel ben Nachmani