Teams and Culture

We teach embodied learning to create new possibilities & ways forward for leaders & teams.

Today’s workplace is rapidly changing as the future unfolds with accelerating complexity and velocity. 

The result?

Barely discernible boundaries between work life and personal life. Scattered attentions that lead to mistrust. Overwhelm and burnout in our round-the-clock culture. 

While leaders have always faced uncertainty, the global, interconnected reach and scale today are unprecedented. 

It’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and more importantly, who we are.


It’s important to remember who we are.

 We’re human beings with gifts and talents to share. We’re what makes the world go around. 

We are all much more simply human than otherwise, be we happy and successful, contented and detached, miserable,” were the wise words of Harry Stack Sullivan 75 years ago. 

Yet in today’s environment it’s easy to feel too busy, stretched too far and scattered. We can lose sight of our humanity and our unique contribution at work and at home iwhen we’re tapped out and exhausted.

Our humanity calls us to remember who we are in order to take right action in the situation at hand.  We need new ways of working and being together.

A way of doing business that’s increasingly transparent, authentic, grounded in solid ethics and care.

A way of doing business where profits are based in purpose, where promises are made and kept, tangible outcomes the result.

A way of doing business where people are engaged and trusted, conversations are clear, engaging and effective.




 As the boundaries between our work and personal life have continued to thin, this philosophy of conscious business provides for new possibilities, for innovation, for greater community.

You see, qualities like authenticity, care, and transparency, are human qualities that evoke and build trust among people, and also build trust in the workplace.

And, trust can be cultivated, and pragmatically trained. Trust can expand right along with profits and the greater good.

Powerful leaders embody a centered presence. This centered presence mobilizes and motivates people to action.

Richard Strozzi, Strozzi Institute

Expected Team & Organizational Outcomes

  • Learn by giving and receiving assessments with dignity and respect
  • Step into greater accountability and support others in their success
  • Cultivate trust and care in relationships
  • Skillfully coordinate with others using conflict to inspire trust and creativity  while decreasing drama

Companies that promote collaborative teamwork are 5x as likely to be aligned, high performing, energized and successful in making their contribution in the world.

Humans are intrinsically motivated to work together–it’s more creative, fun and rewarding all around. 

We work with teams while they are in action on their most important work.  Embodied learning brings purpose into sharp focus, shifts conversations and behavior, and opens the possibility of new actions that weren’t previously available.  

Our clients engage us to work with their teams in a variety of ways – from a brief engagement to longer-term facilitated support of major projects.

This team work can take many forms, though they all involve a process of energizing teams via the deliberate practices.

When actions are congruent with words trust is produced. Real, authentic conversations occur. Together teams collaborate to turn compelling visions into pragmatic reality.


We typically bring everyone on the team to the table to work on shared purpose and goals.

We create trust. We engage in real conversations.

We develop the “common language” of the Core Commitment Cycle that builds towards greater levels of trust-in-action.

We practice new ways of working together in real time


Chris helped us to uncover underlying trust issues we didn’t think existed on our teams, and helped us create a future for the company, rather than staying in comfort.

Chris has served as an excellent sounding board and advisor, especially in regard to change management.

— Dave Mooney, CEO Alliant Credit Union

How We Help

Our customized programs are tailored to create a strong, sustainable company culture grounded in your organization’s purpose and values,  and enacted through committed, skillful team members. 

Our programs teach and develop pragmatic leadership skills, with a focus on learning how to learn: attention management, cultivating 360° awareness  and  body-based  resiliency skills,  and  developing conversational skills–all through deliberate practice over time.

Additionally, we sometimes use a variety of resources including individual/ organizational assessments, retreats, embodied leadership training, and executive leadership coaching.

Those who participate in our programs report improved energy, increased trust, and greater capacity to collaborate and set limits with teammates while connecting. Participants cultivate an inviting presence that allows teammates to approach them with energy, purpose. Together they take powerful action toward what’s important. Together they lead.


Our clients are forward thinking leaders who see the potential for their teams to proactively contribute to the bottom line while consciously creating a company culture of openness, authenticity and innovation. They are committed to leading generative change in their own lives and in the lives of the companies and organizations  they serve. They’re ready to stretch in their leadership and ‘know’ that leading has to do with developing themselves, their relationships, and improving the work practices and lives of their team members in alignment with core values and significant financial goals. 

We partner with CEOs, EVPs, CLOs, division presidents and directors, and project team leads to create people-driven change that lasts.


Holistic embodied learning is foundational to all our programs. 

We teach leaders and teams to  access the wisdom of their bodies, their intuition, their hearts and minds to lead in sustainable ways.

And we do this by teaching a series of embodied practices that lead to ‘new normal’ competencies. In turn, team members are enabled to stay the stress, increase resilience and narrow the leadership gap by bringing their best selves to work  . . . without the waste of inefficiencies and burnout. 



When leaders and their teams need a boost, are in the midst of transition or ready to up their leadership game. For example, when 

  • An internal organizational or leadership shift is underway that calls for new conversations, behavior and culture
  • Entering an important new market, or launching a new team
  • Teams are not communicating well
  • A recent merger or acquisition and there’s a need to orient new leaders and teams in a shifting culture
  • Motivation is low and burnout likely
  • Facing inter-generational strife on the team, as a leader
  • Remote team members are struggling to fit into the organizational structure

The Core Commitment Cycle training afforded us a healthy team building platform to develop a shared language and the trust that’s so essential in our business. Sessions were focused on the practice of the key elements in the Core Commitment Cycle, namely Mindful Attention, 360° Awareness Practices, and the Conscious Language of Speech Acts and Promise Based Management

I’ve found that I’m a better husband, father, and leader because of mindfulness practices and increased awareness of my conditioned tendencies. In short, I’m much more mindful of employing the CCC in all phases of my life.

Bill Crooks

Senior Manager, Customer Relations, Corbion, NA

Within the organization we now have a common culture and identity which was not the case previously. We know that together we can do more and better. We have now a commitment based culture that will help us to take actions to support and develop our business and improve our efficiency.   Personally I’ve realized the importance of mood management to lead a team. Mood really is everything.

Olivier Laborie

General Manager, Energy, Itron

Working with Chris, I began to appreciate that my capacity to lead and transform my organization could only increase through others. At first “mindfulness” sounded to me like squishy overused synonym for group hugs and undisciplined leadership. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I’m very thankful that I was open-minded enough to listen, read and learn about the science behind Chris’s Core Presence Coaching™ process, based in mindfulness practices. By acknowledging and appreciating the need to connect with others, and practicing mindful awareness, I was able to engage more deliberately with co-workers and lead in the organization.

Nick Blawat

VP Strategy, US Foods

Team & Culture Clients Say. . . . .

In the years that I’ve known Chris she has proven to be an exceptional coach and advisor. As a business owner it’s easy to get caught up in the details of the business and lose your perspective as to what’s really important in the long term. When I talk to Chris about what’s going on in my company and the issues I’m facing, I always seem to find the crucial breakthrough I need.

Paul Bailey

Founder & President, ProSort

Chris is one of those people you rarely come across in life. She is the finest life coach I’ve ever worked with: smart with great insight into people and organizations. Chris’ abilities go way beyond just being a coach: she’s an astute business woman who understands how her knowledge and talents can be utilized. I’d recommend her without hesitation.

Ron Vukas

EVP, BOMA Chicago