A one-day intensive for the busy professional who needs laser-focused solutions ASAP

You’re the type of person who wants to get in there and get it done.


Spend the day strategizing with an emphasis on your specific challenges and resources.


Leave with a solid plan that you can implement immediately.

What VIP Day is right for you?

A day for you to pause and plan

You get the same level of quality and attention . . . just done-in-a-day.


VIP days offer dedicated time spent on one focused area of concern. 


You’ll know how multitasking and day-to-day interruptions effect you, zapping your attention and energy, yes? 


When you notice – and experience –  the cost of multitasking and constant interruptions on progress toward your goals,  you’ll love the traction you can make and the value you create when you pause and focus.


We’ll use our time together wisely, I promise.

Three Big Benefits

Clear Focus

With no distractions and specific breaks during the day, you’ll find the space you need to focus and accomplish key goals. 

And, in addition to focused work, you’ll begin to ‘sense and feel’ the difference in your body and your energy levels too.


Space to Create Action

You’ll create a plan and a schedule to take you through from VIP day to a 90-day plan for future action. You’ll finish the day knowing how to keep making progress on your projects or goals.

And, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief – your central nervous system will thank you.

Engage for Results

A VIP Day offers you the time, space, and energy to work uninterrupted. You can accomplish more while having time to dig deeper into your plans.

You’ll be more engaged in your work and when that flow gets going and that’s when the magic of new ideas and possibilities will energize you!

VIP Days are all about time and energy

and offer an expedited experience that cuts out scheduling hassles, travel time, and unexpected delays.

We work one-on-one for 4 or 8 hours leaning into my experience as an executive leadership coach with a deep background in applied psychology and business. 

Chris is an amazingly skilled professional who helped me develop solid grounding practices, expanded my awareness, and developed my ability to Pause (check out her book!) She brings an incredible background in psychology, energy work, Aikido, Leadership Circle, and her mix of intuitive insights, laughter, and direct feedback. She’s a gift.

Amy Felix-Reese

Global COO | Team Coaching, Strategic Planning, Leadership Circle

I worked closely with Chris during a leadership program. We partnered on applying integral leadership skills in everyday workflow settings to complex change management projects. Her thoughtful questions and insights were invaluable as I pursued growth challenges (my own, my team’s, and my organization’s).

Chris Street

CEO, All Stars Project

The Process

1. VIP Day Interest Form

This allows you to share exactly what you are looking for – your needs and intentions.

2. Discovery Call

A 30-minute consult to plan out what needs to be accomplished and any leadership assessment tools we might want to complete before we begin.

3. VIP Day

8-hours with 3 breaks, or 4-hours with 2 short breaks, to process and begin to embody the future you are creating.

4. Recap & Overview

This will include an implementation plan, customized somatic practices, and a VIP Day breakdown for you to keep and build on during implementation.

Time & Energy Challenged

    1. Energy Audit – Where are the biggest drains?
    2. Your Personal Plan for generating resilience
    3. Science-backed time hacks that work
    4. Making time for you – the key to sustainability

Become an Impact Maker

    1. Strategies for Navigating Change – with yourself and others
    2. Connections & Conversations
    3. How Compassion & Empathy generate high-performance

Mid-Career Change

    1. Identify your Core Values 
    2. Clarity Matters – Shifting your Mindset
    3. Mapping your Purpose 
    4. Next Right Moves

Other Options

    1. Author a book
    2. Start a business – Build your dream
    3. Plan your legacy – Build a practice 
    4. Find meaning again

Focus + Purpose + Planning = Results

Did you know?

A reliable ROI for executive coaching has been reported as 500%-700%. (iPEC)

75% say that the value of executive and leadership coaching is “considerably greater” or “far greater” than the money and time invested.

Why is executive coaching so powerful?

A case study on leaders who participated in coaching shows that leadership coaching can improve: self-awareness, self-confidence, self-leadership, leadership style, as well as their relationship to power, conflict, and personal life. (International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring)

VIP Days are expertly designed to show you exactly where to focus your energy and help you build a strategy that exceeds your goals. You get a fully customized experience in a condensed time so you can get back to doing what you do best.


$1600 –  4 hours

$3000 – 8 hours

Trust that you will end the day with a sense of accomplishment, greater ease, and a solid plan for the future.

Inquire Now

VIP Day: 4 – 8 hours of one-on-one executive coaching, designed just for you.

{50% deposit due after Interest Form & Discovery Call complete}