Core Presence Coaching

Tap your primary source of power, grow yourself and make your best contribution.




We’re drawn to leaders with Core Presence™.  Authentic. Fierce & Focused. Capable of holding complexity while maintaining calm under pressure. Accountable.  And, because they lead from heart-felt values, we want to follow them.

Like magnets, they draw out the best in us.

At Q4 we take a whole person, embodied approach to leadership coaching. This  boils down to cultivating attention and sharpening practices where you live and work.

Your primary source of power comes not from your position or rank, but from those qualities that enable you to connect, inspire, and engage with others toward effective action. In short, these personal qualities reflect your Core Presence™.

Research shows that outstanding performance is the product of years of  deliberate practice

and coaching, not of any innate talent or skill.

K. Anders Ericsson

Effective leaders are highly self-aware, versatile and able to match the right skills and styles to the situation at hand.

And, they’re effective at impacting motivation and mindsets of their team as well as being effective at execution.

Our clients are committed to making a difference, a positive legacy. To that end, we focus on the whole person, in their organization, meeting them where they are and moving beyond it. 


We train with clients to:

  • Build capacity & resilience
  • Find focus and slow down to be present 
  • Build bridges & enhance relationships at all levels 
  • Align teams around values for action 
  • Creating purpose and a vision for the future


Our holistic, integral approach  to coaching results in three things for you: 

  • improved competence or ‘growth from the inside out’ 
  • deeper connection with your self, others, and what’s important to you in life 
  • ability to take skillful, focused, embodied action towards results that matter 

Only by knowing and developing your self and your flexibility to roll with the everyday punches of work, can you create the environments that will allow you and your organization to be wildly successful.

Core Presence Coaching

We provide significant value and returns to you – in your business and your life. Below are a few of the areas where our coaching has been beneficial to clients:

  • Cultivating Core Presence
  • Skillfully work with personal energy while aligning values, goals and actions with desired business results
  • Improving organizational impact
  • Engaging conflict creatively & increasing resiliency
  • Implementing effective communication skills & strategies
  • Increasing your somatic & emotional intelligence

Develop Your Core Presence™




Chris is a ‘full service coach,’ one who was able to respond my needs of the moment. She isn’t constrained by the pretenses of her profession.

Chris is incredibly flexible and responsive, yet has challenged me to stand in my power and build my capacity as a professional. She has a huge range of influence, addressing the emotional and energetic, but she’s also practical about business strategies. I needed a ‘full service coach’ as I clarified my vision and found my strength. I have come to rely on her quiet, wise guidance.

Laura Grisolano

JD, Bridge Mediation & Leadership Solutions

An excellent coach can bring out the best in a person. Dr. Chris did just that! While some “experts” resort to jargon and fast talk to give the impression of sophistication and depth, Chris lead with honesty and a substantial understanding of professional development.

She possesses “passion” for this work, and she helped me tap my own passion too. By sticking to tangible, attainable goals and exercises for my development and improvement, she helped me to better appreciate others’ points of view and expectations, and to improve my level of trust with people. I would, without hesitation, highly recommend Dr. Chris to bring out your best.

Richard Iniguez

Sales Manager, Veolia Environmental Technical



Having Dr. Chris to bounce off ideas and solutions regarding work dilemmas has been great for building work relationships in my new role. I’ve learned that resolving an issue is not always about the work, but about the impact the solution has on the people involved and the need to keep the lines of communication open at all times.

With her suggestions and feedback many situations presented have turned into win-win opportunities for everyone involved. Thanks Chris for your honest feedback and patience.

Kimberly Hatchett

Sr. Director, Blue Chip Technical Support, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

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