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I love engaging conversations with smart people, because I always learn something – a way of thinking about something differently, a new story that’s hilarious or thought provoking or both, a way of leaning into leadership from a fully human perspective. 

These conversations are here do just that. It is my hope that you enjoy them, and encourage others to join in too.

Get a sneak peak…

Scott Shute

It took author and speaker, Scott Shute,  also Former Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programs at LinkedIn, nearly 30 years of “wandering in the career desert” to align with the wisdom of a message he received at age 17. In our lively conversation, he reveals what was gained on his long journey to the work he’s meant to do, the fear he overcame to finally do it, and why an orange rhinoceros was exactly the sign he needed. This is a conversation not to be missed!

Rand Stagen

In my engaging conversation with Rand Stagen, CEO of the Stagen Leadership Academy, we delve into what it means for a leader to be conscious. Being conscious is simply being aware, yet many leaders operate from invisible patterns that limit their impact and create harm. Rand shares why being aware as a leader mattered as much 10,000 years ago as it does today. Learn about the profound and humbling lesson he learned from an unlikely ‘guru’ at his local gym. Rand also explains how pause gives us the power of choice, “A leader who is aware is able to be at choice. I pause because I have the capacity to use my awareness to choose what I’m going to do or not do in a much more intentional way.” 

Amanda Blake

My conversation partner is Dr. Amanda Blake,  a master somatic practitioner, gifted teacher, and published author – she’s also my dear friend and trusted colleague. Mandy highlights the dangers to leaders who get caught up in the cultural expectations that to succeed you must always “operate at full-speed” and “never let ‘em see you sweat.” She also emphasizes that embodiment is both a way of being and a way of knowing – although either is useless if you don’t slow down enough to access it. Our interview ends with the one question we mutually agree you must ask to embody the skills of a purposeful, conscious, and effective leader.

Michelle Forbes

My conversation partner is Dr. Michelle Forbes, Medical Director for Catalyst Health Network and the Catalyst Community Foundation. We begin with how health care providers have been stretched – many to the breaking point – due to the unrelenting challenges of the pandemic. Dr. Forbes shares how physicians – masters of healing – were additionally challenged by not knowing how to first approach the new infection, and by patients’ growing distrust of physicians as the experts. This only added to the extreme discomfort and anxiety of medical professionals who were taking huge risks every day to save lives. Dr. Forbes observed how medical professionals who used their anxiety as a tool for questioning, and took a pause to explore it, were more able to avoid burnout and remain focused on their purpose in the chaos.