Calm the Chaos for 

Conscious Leaders

Transform your Stress &

Break the Habit of Busyness

An Eight-Week Online Program

with Chris L. Johnson, PsyD, Executive Leadership Coach


Chaos has become the norm. The pace of life and work have increased to levels that are unsustainable.


While the impact of work demands is clear:

  • 67% are stressed due to their job

  • 54% experience anxiety due to work

  • 42% have experienced burnout because of their job

And, over half of Americans have taken a mental health day, but 48% didn’t tell anyone it was a mental health day!


I know you care about your work and the impact you make. You’ve even told me that lately it’s been a struggle to show up as you want to – as you need to – for a while.


I can see that you’re drained from holding it all together. And you’ve quietly confided that you’re afraid you’re losing your edge and your energy – the pressure to get out ahead of the curve is relentless!


One thing you’re asking yourself is – Do I have the power to shift any of this?


The answer is – yes, absolutely.




The biggest predictor of your FUTURE SUCCESS:

your willingness to pause

to learn how

you react under stress,

and choose to transform it.



What if – in the next 60 days – you could . . .


  • Significantly reduce stress and respond rather than react to the chaos all around you

  • Identify your energy leaks and plug them to enhance your focus, mood, and action

  • Take back control of your time, energy, and focus

  • Identify self-limiting beliefs, thought patterns, and habits that become obstacles to your living as your best self

  • Zero in on what matters most – your purpose and well-being

  • Align your actions with what you care about most

Is this you?


Do you have a high tolerance and “push through” super stressful moments but then find your energy drained by the end of the day?

⇒ “My anxiety levels at work are through the roof and slowing down is NOT an option.”


Do you have an overbooked calendar with opportunities that sounded good at first,  but you either cancel or don’t have the energy to show up?

⇒ “I don’t know how to navigate the constant changes. People keep looking to me for answers that I don’t have.”


Do you constantly juggle multiple responsibilities, tethered to your computer and calendar but not sure what it’s all for?

⇒ “My work used to mean so much to me, but my ambition’s gone now – I don’t know what to do!”


Do you find you’re embarrassed because you’re fuzzy-headed, but you can’t tell anyone?

⇒ “My head’s spinning and decisions seem to escape me. I feel like I’m losing my grip.”


Do you long for relief but find it’s just easier to do it all yourself to get it done?

⇒ “I can definitely use support, but I don’t have time to waste. I need solutions that work – now! “


Calm the Chaos for Conscious Leaders 

To calm the chaos and break the busyness habit, you’ll need a new framework, milestones, and action steps.


Grounded in research, this holistic mind-body approach integrates the best of science, psychology, embodied learning and business acumen. Follow the flow of the framework and you’ll increase your awareness, your ability to consciously choose — to not be at the mercy of reactivity or pressure and chaos — and cultivate spaciousness and calm even under intense pressure.


Personalized 1:1 guidance, practical resources and tools, community support, and accountability will support you to break the busyness habit and calm the chaos!



1. Meet the Moment                     

Milestone: Identify your stress levels

Action: Identify key stressors on the stress continuum, and the effects it has on your attention, focus and your body. 

2. Mindset

Milestone: Mind your mind by tuning into your body’s wisdom first.

Action: Bodies build habits, mindsets follow. Identify & shift gears.

3. Mood/Energy/Emotion     

Milestone: Identify the negative impacts of ‘tolerating too much.’

Action: Learn your energy leaks, and how to plug them with a new energy formula.

4. Meaning   

Milestone: Key into what matters most.

Action: Zero in on a purpose statement that energizes you.

5. Making a Difference     

Milestone: Create a plan of action.

Action: Get clear on 1 personal/1 professional goal to make your difference.

6. MindTalk & Magic    

Milestone: Identify whose talking – your best self or your old stories?

Action: Tap the power of perspective to shift the story for greater confidence and connection

7. Map Your Route          

Milestone: Clarity. Walk toward your future outfitted with new skills and sensibilities.

Action: Create & practice powerful practices to get you to your destination.

Details you’ll want to know . . .

How’s the course designed?

Calm the Chaos runs for 8 sessions over a 9-week period starting in September 2023. We’ll meet on Tuesdays from 11-12:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 11 a.m. CT, all via Zoom. All meetings will be recorded and available for download later.


⇒ Each Tuesday, I’ll share new content and we’ll have an interactive discussion on it.  On Thursday we’ll seal in the learning with body-based practices and community discussion.  You’ll be able to use all of what you learn – immediately.


⇒ Coursework includes a digital workbook, and may also include videos, audio files, and downloadable pdfs of practices at your fingertips.


⇒ We’ll have two 30-minute, 1:1 conversations, set up between sessions 4-5, and between session 8 and two weeks post-class. These are to review how you’re doing, what you’re learning and putting into practice, and explore how I can support you. I love these calls.


⇒ Upon registration, you’ll receive orientation materials and pre-work to complete and return. This pre-work helps me attune to you and your needs in the course.


⇒ In addition to the calls, you can plan between 90 minutes – 2 hours a week to complete homework and read or view materials for that week. The practices are designed to support you throughout the course of your day, not add extra pressure. Plus, they’re fun!


Registration is open.   

 Investment: $2,000 USD or 2 monthly payments of $1,150 USD.      50% Alumni discount.

What you'll come away with . . .

What you decide to do with your time & skills matters. The vital question is:  How can you access the resources you need to flourish in your work and life – – today? 

What you’ll come away, and be able to do . . .


Dial back the pressure, on purpose  

⇒ Lean into & leverage your strengths, even in moments of high stress

Unhook from distractions & take back control of your time & calendar 

⇒ Generate & maintain your energy – so you’re not giving it all away

⇒ Get clear about your purpose & zero in on ‘what matters most’ to you

⇒ Lean into the support of a community – you’re not alone


It includes two parts.

Upon registration, you’ll receive a “Getting to Know You” form to complete and return to me.

Then you’ll receive a link to take the online quiz, “Your Signature Stress Styles,” that we’ll use as we begin the course on September 19th, 2023.


Everyone in Calm the Chaos for Busy Professionals will receive a hard copy of my new book, The Leadership Pause: Sharpen Your Attention, Deepen Your Presence, and Navigate the Future, a $27.95 value.

Money Back Guarantee

I know how valuable this offer is based on client feedback.  I stand 100% behind this offer.  There’s a full money-back guarantee if you’re not loving this program after the first session!

Bottom Line . . .

It’s all about you. Your time. Your energy. Your well-being.


I’ve had the privilege and honor of working with hundreds of clients, professionals, and entrepreneurs just like you, to grow themselves so they could grow their impact.


How did they do it?


By choosing to be a lifelong learner, getting a bit uncomfortable, committing to what’s important, and taking focused action. Then, rinse and repeat – on purpose.


Embodied learning, what Calm the Chaos is built on, is transformative. It’s whole-self learning that informs the way you show up in the world – and the actions you’re capable of taking.


So yes, you’ll receive about 20 hours of my best for you, including learning the life-changing, body-based practices that made such a difference for me.


But really, you’ll come away with more than you bargained for – greater confidence, clarity, and greater capacity to be with all the chaotic stuff that life’s throwing your way.


I want this for you. It’s doable. I promise.


Next cohort begins September 19th, 2023.



 Calm the Chaos for Conscious Leaders 

Next Cohort Begins September 19th, 2023

Why You Want to Trust Me


Hi, I’m Chris Johnson, PsyD, founder of Q4 Consulting, Inc. and creator of Calm to Chaos for Conscious Leaders.


Fifteen years ago I experienced a significant transformation in my own learning and leadership –  it was uncomfortable, yet the powerful process opened my life and work in ways I never expected.


With over 25 + years of experience and learning – condensed in my book, The Leadership Pause – this course gives equal value to the mind and body to support your well-being and growth


It’s rooted in a mind-body approach to change informed by interpersonal neurobiology, somatics, linguistics, and the latest adult development.


It’s cutting-edge, experiential, and life-changing.


It changed my life. I know it can change yours too.



Calm the Chaos for Conscious Leaders, in the midst of the pandemic, made a significant difference for me at work and at home. The course provided such powerful, concrete steps to ensure a centered and non-reactive approach to all situations. I especially appreciated the analysis of strengths and your suggestions for somatic practices. Many thanks for a great course! 

– Christine Stoneman, Attorney

In Calm to Chaos, I learned how to use new skills to better manage & direct my energy & focus to allow me to accomplish more on a daily basis.  Chris’s simple centering practices were extremely useful and reduced my stress levels. 

Catherine Riddick, Owner, XPonent Group, Ltd.

Life was feeling chaotic and I wanted techniques and ideas to better manage myself and not feel so chaotic every day. Chris mixed up the hour in Calm the Chaos – she spoke, showed video, used slides, and read poems – all of which I enjoyed and helped me be more mindful instead. 

–  Shellie Batten, Director of Sales and Customer Success at IPS Rebates

Got me out of my myopic way of thinking and seeing, that my perspective is THE perspective. Chris’ style feels like she’s speaking to me. She’s inclusive and not overly mushy – she’s about getting shit done. The modules in Calm the Chaos built on one another, starting with our own priorities. Chris helped us see the body-mind connection can shift our mindset, then our actions. 

–Dominique Leonardi, Program Analyst at GSA

Calm to Chaos helped me reconnect to the values of being focused, present, and leading from my core values with clear communication patterns. The personalized assessment, coaching, and support from Dr. Chris throughout helped me discover new ways to grow and challenge myself. I highly recommend this course! 

– Joe White, Sr. Product Manager 

Chris is an outstanding teacher – she’s got presence, a rich background in the topics she teaches, and the skill to support each of us to seal in our Calm the Chaos learnings with pragmatic, body-based practices.  

– Rosemary Reshetar, Director of Assessment and Research at National Conference of Bar Examiners

Chris is a magician! She taught me how to shift my energy level and mood with a few simple practices. These new skills have transformed my ability to focus on what matters most, and cut my stress level in half! I’m more productive at work, so I can be more present at home.

– Jill Tyler, Business Development Strategist

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. "

- Robin S. Sharma

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Chris is an extremely creative thinker, with an incredible capacity for continual learning and growth. Her expert guidance helped me incorporate mindfulness in my daily life, providing focus and clarity.

–Nancy, career coach, Columbia Business School

Chris is one of those people you rarely come across in life. She’s the finest coach I’ve ever worked with: smart with great insight into people and organizations. Chris’ abilities go way beyond just being a coach, she’s an astute businesswoman who understands how knowledge and talents can best be utilized.


Chris put herself in my shoes and helped me clarify what I was moving toward, where I was stuck, and how I could to shift into forward progress.  And, she’s incredibly flexible, responsive, and practical about business strategies while challenging me to stand in my power and build my capacity as a professional.

–Laura, Bridge Mediation & Leadership Solutions

Chris helped me to see deeper into myself than I could see on my own. She helped me to “crack the shell” of my life, which has opened up new avenues for me. I knew I had to make some changes and she prepared me to face them head-on.

–Diane, entrepreneur, Fulcrum Network


Why do I need this course? Can't I learn this on my own?

Of course, you can.  Yet we’re living in unprecedented times, requiring a new kind of leader. Leaders grow & make meaning for their people—together.

Besides, if you’re into the DIY approach, you may end up feeling more isolated, frustrated & stuck–not great in the post-COVID, still-figuring-it-out hybrid workplace era.

All of us can benefit from alternative perspectives since they sharpen our awareness and open possibilities. Top athletes rely on their coaches to bring out their strengths, improve on their weaknesses, & push their best performance. The same is true in life and work. Plus, I bring 25+ years of expertise to share with you—it’s a shortcut, catalyst & quickest way to get up to speed.

I’m super busy and overwhelmed these days. How many hours of my time will the course take?

Busy-ness is not only common today but often paraded around like a badge of honor. It’s not. 

Stuck in automatic busyness depletes all your energies, those you really need to make a difference.  Practically speaking you’ll spend between about 2-3 hours a week total, either on a call, learning the material, and/or putting it into practice. The course is designed with you in mind—focused, pragmatic, and actionable!

What results can I expect to see?


  • Insight into where your energy & attention are actually going vs. where you think they’re going.
  • Connect-the-dots awareness between your energy & your mood
  • Skill to shift your mindset & transform stress into useful energy
  • Focused attention on “What’s Important?’ to you
  • Clarity around your Core Values & how you’re living them in your Purpose
  • Movement practices to re-energize
  • Next Steps Roadmap

Truth be told, your own level of engagement and commitment will drive how fast you see results.

I've never invested in myself life this before. How can I justify this expense?

Sometimes it’s difficult to believe we’re worth the investment of this kind of focus and attention–it can even be scary.  Yet, in today’s post, crazy busy environment, it’s especially helpful to have the support of others to hold us to our own commitments.

Going it alone simply prolongs the process of moving towards developing the skills and tapping into your aspirations for the future.  Besides, what’s the cost to you if you don’t take yourself and your leadership seriously today? 

What if I'm still not sure this course is for me or I have another question?

Let’s have a 1:1 call & take care of that. Any questions you have are welcome. If the course isn’t right for you, I’ll likely have other resources I can share. Schedule a time with me here so we can talk about your concerns in more detail & I can answer any questions you might have.

What if I realize this just isn't for me?

I know how valuable this offer is based on client feedback.  I stand 100% behind this offer.  There’s a full money-back guarantee if you’re not loving this program after the first session!

Calm the Chaos – Book a call today! 

“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”

-- Rabbi Shemuel ben Nachmani