Calm the Chaos 


Busy Professionals


5 Week Online Course begins

on January 18th, 2022




Do you find yourself reacting more lately rather than responding?  


Hustling every day just to navigate the chaos of work?


Without a doubt, you feel the press to get out ahead of the stress and the ‘neverendingness’ of today’s uncertainties, yet you realize you’re doing double duty in an attempt to keep it all together despite not having enough time or energy. 


Honestly, you’re at a loss, wondering what the next right move is for you and your people. 


You’ve started to wonder about your own ability to lead in these times of such uncertainty, in the Great Resignation.  You’re wondering if you should walk away before it’s too late. 


The one thing you do know–with certainty––is that things need to shift, sooner rather than later. You wish you had plan. 


A plan’s available. Better, it’s doable. 


The biggest predictor of your future success is your willingness to invest in learning how you react under stress: your thought patterns and habits, your energy and moods, and your purpose and your Why. 


Without really knowing what drives (or excites you), you’ll keep wasting your time and energy spinning in reaction to the people and circumstances around you. 


And you’ll probably continue to feel frustrated, purposeless, distracted, and miserable. This is the ugly path to feeling lost, hotheaded, and burnt out. 


Calm to Chaos for Busy Professionals will help you re-train your attention and energy on the only outcome you can control – how you respond. 

Have You Been Thinking: 


“Anxiety levels in the office are through the roof and slowing down is NOT an option.” 


“I don’t know how to navigate the constant changes at this breakneck pace.” 


⇒“Daily exhaustion is affecting everyone’s moods – and our relationships – it’s so frustrating!” 


“People are leaving and burning out everywhere I turn – is it too late to do things differently?” 


⇒“Is being more ‘conscious’ about the way we do business a way forward or another distraction?” 


“My work used to mean so much to me, but that’s gone – it scares the heck out of me.” 


Isn’t focusing on ‘purpose’ a luxury when everything’s when it’s all spinning out of control?” 


“Okay, I could use support, because my days are long and complicated, but I don’t have time to waste – how difficult is it to implement your tools and practices?” 

 Calm the Chaos for Busy Professionals

Grow your conscious leadership & expand your influence by

building on the fundamentals of embodied leaders

In Calm to Chaos for Busy Professionals, I learned how to use new skills to better manage & direct my energy & focus to allow me to accomplish more on a daily basis.  Chris’s simple centering practices were extremely useful and reduced my stress levels. 

Catherine Riddick, Owner, XPonent Group, Ltd.

Calm to Chaos for Busy Professionals helped me reconnect to the values of being focused, present, and leading from my core values with clear communication patterns. The personalized assessment, coaching, and support from Dr. Chris throughout helped me discover new ways to grow and challenge myself. I highly recommend this course! 

– Joe White, Sr. Product Manager 

Chris is a magician! She taught me how to shift my energy level and mood with a few simple practices. These new skills have transformed my ability to focus on what matters most, and cut my stress level in half! I’m more productive at work, so I can be more present at home.

– Jill Tyler, Business Development Strategist


Details you’ll want to know


What will you gain?

What you decide to do with your time & skills matters. The vital question is:  How can you access the resources you need to flourish in your work and life – – today? Below is what you’ll come away with by the end of this 5-week course:


Ability to dial back the pressure, on purpose  


⇒ Greater capacity to leverage your strengths, even in moments of high stress  


Awareness to unhook from costly distractions to regain control of your time & calendar 


⇒ Ability to generate & maintain your energy – so you’re not giving it all away.


Clarity about your purpose to build a foundation based on ‘what matters most‘  


⇒ A roadmap for your next steps.


A 100% money-back guarantee. If you show up for calls, engage in the practices, and don’t experience positive shifts in your focus, energy & mindset you’ll receive a full refund for this course.

How’s the course designed?

Calm the Chaos for Busy Professionals runs for 5 consecutive weeks starting Tuesday, January 18th and ending February 18th, 2022. We’ll meet twice per week on Tuesdays from 12-1 p.m. CT via Zoom and Fridays at 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. for 50 minutes TBD by participants.


The content and community are hosted on the Q4 Consulting website and you’ll gain access to the new material each Sunday night when you receive an email from me.


On Tuesdays, we’ll discuss the new content and practices. On Fridays, we’ll take it to the mat to apply your learning and experiences to movement practices. Both the Tuesday teaching calls and the Friday movement sessions will be hosted via zoom & recorded.


Coursework may include videos, audio files, and downloadable pdfs of practices at your fingertips.


Upon registration, you’ll receive orientation materials and pre-work.


In addition to the calls, you can plan between 1-2 hours a week to complete homework, read or view materials for that week’s module. The practices are designed to support you throughout the course of your day.


Registration opens on December 22nd. For the low pilot price of $497, you’ll receive tons of value in exchange for your engagement and feedback in a post-course interview and survey.


It includes two parts. Upon registration, you’ll receive a “Getting to Know You” form to complete and return to me. And, you’ll receive a link to take the online quiz, “Your Signature Stress Styles,” that we’ll use as we begin the course on January 18th.


For the Early birds among us, you’ll gain access to a 75-minute course, “Navigating Tricky Emotions in the Workplace,”  that’ll be held in March 2022 (don’t worry if you missed the EB bonus–you can join in too for $79).

In the interactive workshop you’ll:  

  • Identify what pushes your buttons & takes you out of the moment 

  • Explore your own role in the Drama Triangle – Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor 

  • Learn – by listening – to identify other’s roles in the Drama Triangle 

  • Check your assumptions to shift out of the drama & loosen the trigger’s grip 

  • Learn a 3-part process to successfully give and receive feedback


In Summary . . .

You’ll receive all of the following in Calm the Chaos for Busy Professionals:

10 hours of instruction over the 5 weeks, including pragmatic movement practices to ‘seal in’ your learning

Online access to all course materials

Early Bird Bonus, access to “Navigating Tricky Emotions in the Workplace,”  held in March 2022

Pilot price of $497 (valued at $2750)

Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Chris Johnson, PsyD, founder of Q4 Consulting, Inc. and developer of Calm to Chaos for Busy Professionals.


My passion is embodied learning and leadership (it changed my life in no uncertain terms), and leveraging them to cultivate strong leaders, healthy workplaces, and engaged thriving communities. 


We need strong, responsive, and conscious leadership today. My focus is developing learning opportunities and coaching leaders to embody just that!


About 15 years ago I went through a significant transformation in my own learning and leadership; it was a process that opened my life and work in ways I never expected.


The process of embodied leadership is based on the evidence-based effects of mindfulness, embodied learning, and the power of how we think and speak to create influence.

This might initially sound “touchy-feely,” but their effectiveness is based on decades of research by neuroscientists, psychologists, somatic practitioners, and brain researchers.

Calm to Chaos for Busy Professionals, in the midst of the pandemic, made a significant difference for me at work and at home. The course provided such powerful, concrete steps to ensure a centered and non-reactive approach to all situations. I especially appreciated the analysis of strengths and your suggestions for somatic practices. Many thanks for a great course! 

– Christine Stoneman, Attorney

My contribution to you and this course is 25 + years of experience and learning as a trauma psychologist, business owner,  mindfulness teacher, executive leadership coach, and practicing aikidoka. 

Stated simply, my work gives equal value to the mind and body to maximize human potential–yours!

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. "

- Robin S. Sharma

Five Modules for Calm to Chaos for Busy Professionals


    • Location, location, location—what’s draining your focus & energy?
    • What’s your Signature Stress Style?
    • Train your attention to go deep & stay focused longer
    • Learn to S.C.O.P.E.
    • Re-direct & Renew
    • Why you do what you do: Power of Embodied Habits
    • Sabotage yourself? Explore the Enemies of Learning
    • Fixed? Growth? Embrace a Challenger Mindset
    • Reclaim your time & calendar—convert costly distractions
    • The secret to staying ahead of stress
    • Identify your top 3 energy leaks & plug them
    • Tune into the 4 Energetic Competencies to Improve Your Mood
    • Deliberate practices to generate energy
    • Mood—it’s everything. Skillfully create moods for success
    • Purpose isn’t a luxury—it’s part of the plan
    • What’s a declaration anyway? Language matters
    • Choose the positive impact you want to have
    • Seal in what means the most with daily movement practices
    • Commit to your journey of self-awareness
    • Embody your Declaration—Commit to Daily Practices
    • Connection–the glue for success
    • Outline your roadmap for your future


Click here to join for the pilot price of $497 (USD)

Chris is an extremely creative thinker, with an incredible capacity for continual learning and growth. Her expert guidance helped me incorporate mindfulness in my daily life, providing focus and clarity.

–Nancy, career coach, Columbia Business School

Chris put herself in my shoes and helped me clarify what I was moving toward, where I was stuck, and how I could to shift into forward progress.  And, she’s incredibly flexible, responsive, and practical about business strategies while challenging me to stand in my power and build my capacity as a professional.

–Laura, Bridge Mediation & Leadership Solutions

“Chris helped me to see deeper into myself than I could see on my own. She helped me to “crack the shell” of my life, which has opened up new avenues for me. I knew I had to make some changes and she prepared me to face them head-on.”

–Diane, entrepreneur, Fulcrum Network


Why do I need this course? Can't I learn this on my own?

Of course, you can.  Yet we’re living in unprecedented times, requiring a new kind of leader. Leaders grow & make meaning for their people—together. Besides, if you’re into the DIY approach, you may end up feeling more isolated, frustrated & stuck–not great in the still-COVID era. All of us can benefit from alternative perspectives since they sharpen our awareness and open possibilities. Top athletes rely on their coaches to bring out their strengths, improve on their weaknesses, & push their best performance. The same is true in life and work. Plus, I bring 25 years of expertise to share with you—it’s a shortcut, catalyst & quickest way to get up to speed.

I’m super busy and overwhelmed these days. How many hours of my time will the course take?

Busy-ness is not only common today but often paraded around like a badge of honor. It’s not.  Being busy depletes all your energies, those you really need to make a difference.  Practically speaking you’ll spend between about 1-2 hours a week total, either on a call, learning the material, and/or putting it into practice. The course is designed with you in mind–focused, pragmatic, doable–today!

What results can I expect to see?
  • Focused attention on “What’s Important?’ to you
  • Insight into where your energy’s actually going vs. where you think it’s going.
  • Connect-the-dots awareness between your energy & your mood
  • Clarity around your Core Values & how you’re living them in your Purpose
  • Movement practices to re-energize
  • Next Steps Roadmap

Truth be told, your own level of engagement and commitment will drive how fast you see results.

I've never invested in myself life this before. How can I justify this expense?

Sometimes it’s difficult to believe we’re worth the investment of this kind of focus and attention–it can even be scary.  Yet, in today’s COVID environment, it’s especially helpful to have the support of others to hold us to our own commitments. Going it alone simply prolongs the process of moving towards developing the skills and tapping into your aspirations for the future.  

Plus, this is a pilot offer, designed to be responsive to your needs. It’s being offered now at a fraction of its future price. Besides, what’s the cost to you if you don’t take yourself and your leadership seriously today?

What if I'm still not sure this course is for me or I have another question?

Let’s have a 1:1 call & take care of that. Any questions you have are welcome. If the course isn’t right for you, I’ll likely have other resources I can share. Schedule a time with me here so we can talk about your concerns in more detail & I can answer any questions you might have.

What if I realize this just isn't for me?

I know how valuable this offer is based on client feedback.  I stand 100% behind this offer.  There’s a full money-back guarantee if you’re not loving this program after the first session!

Calm the Chaos today $497 (USD)

“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”

-- Rabbi Shemuel ben Nachmani