What We Do

We partner with leaders to create resilient, conscious, and impactful organizations. 

If you’re like other forward-looking leaders today you’re  constantly juggling  the demands of an ever-changing business environment with disappearing hours in your day planner with the  needs of your family. The list goes on and on and on.  

Just like meeting the challenges of 21st century business requires a re-invention of old ways of doing business,  new ways of doing business require the cultivation of a new kind of leader. 

In other words, it starts with you. 

Yet it’s stressful. You feel it; you’re tired. Something needs to give.

When you’re at a standstill, stuck and stressed out you want answers, a few tips, a shift of some sort. 

What you really want is a shortcut to being more effective, on point and productive.

Being a Beginner

We learn by practicing, in real time, stepping into powerful choices each step of the way.


We value deep listening, open dialogue & collaboration toward effective solutions.

Right Action

We cultivate learning & leadership with a long view toward trust, authenticity and dignity.

Because we like self-direction in our learning, we want immediate, pragmatic application of our learning to current life situations. We like learning-in-action that sticks. In other words, that longed-for shortcut.

That powerful shortcut is embodied learning. 

This pathway to real, sustainable change lies in a cohesive, multi-pronged approach that acknowledges the psychobiology of our human development. By tapping the wisdom of our biology you gain a substantial advantage by rapidly expanding your influence, confidence and resilience.

In fact, we say that transformation has taken place when an individual (or team or system) can take new actions, under pressure, at least 80% of the time. 

We partner with individuals and organizations to design and implement training programs that access intuition, surface internalized patterns and mindsets,  and address the roadblocks inherent in change. We support leaders at all levels to build capacity and resilience and to live authentically.  With our clients, we are cultivating more inclusive and innovative cultures. 

Our long game goal?  To change the face of leadership and business as we know it.


Our Offerings

Our customized programs teach concrete, embodied leadership skills, build capacity resilience, and reveal predictable self-defeating habits for leaders & teams committed to making their difference.

When leaders & teams work with us they are redefining and boldly revolutionizing business-as-usual. 

Our programs are unique in their depth, and their capacity to create lasting change. We help clients develop thriving personal lifestyles and supportive organizational cultures that align with what matters most.

Leadership Coaching

Our whole person approach to leadership coaching boils down to cultivating attention and sharpening practices where you live and work.

Teams & Culture

We work with leaders &  teams to align around the organization’s purpose, where energy ignites, collaboration increases and meaningful culture shifts happen to make a greater contribution.

Women Leaders

We support visionary women to transform their stress, grow resilience and cultivate confidence and boldness to lead positive, influential change.

It’s all about Embodied Learning.

The Core Commitment Cycle™ is an interactive embodied learning process that integrates Mindful Attention, 360°Awareness, and Conscious Conversations to create the future. 

You’ll gain clarity, create commitments, collaborate and coordinate effective actions to get the work done.

Embodied Learning

Three factors essential to embodied learning.

Awareness • Attention • Conversation

Embodied learning is transformative, whole-self learning that informs the way you show up in the world.

Embodied learning cultivates the ability to do something new that you can’t already do. Authentic, compassionate conversations for action are a result.

Embodied learning, it turns out, is what’s involved in riding a bike, playing the piano, shooting free throws, or driving a car. It’s the kind of learning your grandparent’s valued because it’s so practical.

And, embodied learning is exactly what’s required for you to effectively lead your team, to converse powerfully with your customers and co-create around their needs, or evaluate complex situations and commit to a wise path forward.

Embodied Learning.

This new, radical way of learning supports the leader in you to transform yourself, your businesses, and your community in order to create new futures for us all.

It’s remarkable, revealing, and not to be over-the-top, it’s revolutionary.

Our Approach

Listen as Chris talks about Embodied Learning.

It’s elemental. We learn via practices, over and over again.

Repetition integrates our learning into everyday work life, transforming new understandings into established practices.

Practiced together, attention, awareness, and mindful conversations transform stress and enhance your skill to produce trust, empathy and commitment to act with power and impact.

You’ll take new action automatically with no need to stop, think about it, or refer back to a manual. You’ll embody new responses that stimulate resilience, fierce conversations, a keen focus on decisions, and sustainability of your energy over time.

The experiential framework of the Core Commitment Cycle™ (CCC), rooted solidly in the sciences,  weaves together the strands of Mindful Attention, 360° Awareness, with the language of Conscious Conversations to support the development of exemplary leaders and teams.

The results? Vital skills for future leaders:

    • Working with themselves to regulate attention & energy
    • Declaring the most effective path for the future
    • Reading the economic, environmental, and social landscapes
    • Coordinating & collaborating well with others
    • Transforming inherent conflict of difference into mutual trust
    • Taking focused action towards results that matter

By creating the space to co-create vital commitments and deep trust, you’ll participate in body-based learning, practice core linguistic moves essential for coordination, and develop new habits and practices to cultivate mindful, focused attention.

Mindful Attention

In our complex world, attending to the constant activity of the mind for a few brief minutes can yield powerful and even surprising information.

Where you focus your attention literally shapes your brain & psychobiology, your experiences & decisions, and ultimately your actions. Trained attention is a fundamental skill of the effective, influential leader.

Training “mindfully” — in the moment an event occurs — enhances your ability to both identify and minimize sources of stress while enhancing competencies that build resiliency, increase flexibility, and promote an integrated, authentic presence.

360° Awareness

With the rapid pace of change and the increasing demand for flexibility, learning how to learn is the key to powerful engagement with the world. Learning happens in your body, through deliberate practice over time.

And, it begins with cultivating 360°awareness. By tuning your attention to the living sensations of the body you’ll expand your awareness of the world. It’s from the exquisite attunement of sensations,and their neural correlates, that emotions, moods and thoughts arise–language too.  It’s in the body that we move into purposeful action.

Coupled with attention, full-bodied awareness creates that space for new learning. In turn, this new learning becomes integrated, embodied, or what might be called ‘a new normal’ in daily life.


As a leader you’re a powerful creator and driver in your life and organization. You see new possibilities for the future and aim to make them a reality. You set a clear vision, inspire others to support it, motivate everyone’s best effort, and work with your own reactions under pressure.

Of course, it’s in language, in your story, that you discover who you are and what you bring to the table. How you use language underscores your beliefs, moods and possible actions. In language your future story will unfold. Conscious conversations are the actions that make possible a future that otherwise would not exist.


Work with Chris


Our Why

We’re dedicated to supporting organizations committed to the health and well-being of all living systems.

 “Q4,” derives from the word “quaternity,’ meaning “the union of four in one,”  and

reflects our commitment to integrating mind, body, and spirit into our work and lives.

Our What

We’re committed to cultivating strong leaders, healthy workplaces, and engaged, thriving communities.

Our How

We hold that embodied learning & deliberate practice grows powerful leaders & teams. 

I recently attended a leadership workshop in which Chris was one of the workshop leaders. She was conducting a workshop on using somatic learning and embodied learning techniques to develop one’s leadership potential. This is truly cutting edge stuff that takes a holistic integrated mind/body approach to leadership. I learned a lot about myself, my energy, and how I can be a better, more centered, and more connected leader. It was also a lot of fun!! Chris was wonderful to get to know and to work with.

Mike Keen

Professor of Sociology , Indiana University

Chris is an extremely creative thinker, with an incredible capacity for continual learning and growth. I first met Chris in her role as the head of the Consulting Division for the IPA, where she provides an excellent forum for professional development. I have also participated in “A Mindful Course” where Chris’ expert guidance has helped me incorporate mindfulness in my daily life, providing focus and clarity. She is a thoughtful and intelligent individual who brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into all her projects.

Nancy Johnston

Senior Associate Director, Alumni Career Management, Columbia Business School

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