We teach embodied learning and leadership.

It’s time for business-as-usual to progress itself, to evolve.

It’s time to oust the scarcity mindset of fear, to let go of performing for performance sake alone, and to challenge the kind of thinking that leads to stress, burnout, and disconnection from what’s really important.

What if there’s a scientifically grounded way to use the stresses of daily life to cultivate leadership, to transform conversations, to actively grapple with conflict?

What if there’s a way to create a whole new way of working together in the world?

There is.  At Q4 partner with organizations and their leaders to do just that, create new ways of learning  and working together that makes the biggest difference.

Current Courses

Calm the Chaos for Conscious Leaders

Our Offerings

Our customized programs teach concrete, embodied leadership skills, build capacity resilience, and reveal predictable self-defeating habits for leaders & teams committed to making their difference.

When leaders & teams work with us they are redefining and boldly revolutionizing business-as-usual. 

Our programs are unique in their depth, and their capacity to create lasting change. We help clients develop thriving personal lifestyles and supportive organizational cultures that align with what matters most.

Leadership Coaching

Our whole person approach to leadership coaching boils down to cultivating attention and sharpening practices where you live and work.

Teams & Culture

We work with leaders &  teams to align around the organization’s purpose, where energy ignites, collaboration increases and meaningful culture shifts happen to make a greater contribution.

Women Leaders

We support visionary women to transform their stress, grow resilience and cultivate confidence and boldness to lead positive, influential change.


Through powerful storytelling, straight talk and humor, and embodied learning p we challenge participants to step up and into their full potential.

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