The Executive Energy Audit is the starting point to reclaiming your time, energy, focus – and ultimately your self.

If you’re a founder, VP, C-Suite, or emerging leader who values work, life, AND powerful results but keeps getting caught up in everyday chaos — book a 20-minute Executive Energy Audit. You’ll walk away with the best practices for YOU to create the bold transformation you need for greater impact and fulfillment.


An Executive “has the power to put plans, actions, or laws into effect.” In other words: YOU.

           Book your 20-minute Executive Energy Audit Call to move powerfully on your path forward.

If you’re not where you want to be, and it’s been this way for a while, there’s a good chance it’s connected to your energy.

  • Energy is the foundation of all good things that happen

  • Energy is how you optimize performance

  • Energy has more to do with your productivity than time management

  • Energy levels reflect your level of well-being

  • Energy awareness is the first step to making a shift


                     Book your 20-minute Executive Energy Audit on the calendar below.

On this focused, pragmatic 20-minute call we’ll cover four things ...

First, we'll . . .

Uncover your top energy leaks, identify untapped resources, and plug the leaks to prevent burnout (or begin recovery)

Then, we'll . . .

Review strategies to dial down pressure, regulate your nervous system, and transform the pressure of busyness into clear focus, effective decisions, and powerful execution.

Third, we'll . . .

Define and craft a roadmap that spotlights and aligns your Leadership Energy Advantage with your purpose for greater energy and focus in the next three to six months.

Lastly, we'll . . .

Determine if we’re a good fit to move forward with me as a key player in reclaiming your energy and focus.

Chris is an amazingly skilled professional who helped me develop solid grounding practices, expanded my awareness, and developed my ability to Pause (read her book!!) Chris brings an incredible background in psychology, energy work, Aikido, Leadership Circle, and a mix of intuitive insights, laughter, and direct feedback. She’s a gift.


Amy Felix Reese

Global COO at Leadership Circle

DrChris is great! Highly recommended! She coached me to develop my leadership skills, and I benefited tremendously. Not only did I love her somatic approach to coaching, but I also invited her to coach my entire team. If you are curious about somatic leadership coaching, reach out to her! Again, I highly recommend her!


Harry Zhu


For 25+ years as a psychologist addressing trauma – outside and inside the workplace, as a leadership coach training business leaders in the value of presence, and as a mentor supporting entrepreneurs to achieve their vision – I was having an impact.

But I knew something was off because  . . . I was off. I took a deeper dive, stretched, and transformed my stress to be present and energized.

  • What stress habits were getting in my way?
  • What did I want to create? What did I need to let go of?
  • Did I have the energy to execute if I gained clarity?

Thankfully, it’s all sorted now, though it took support and stamina. And, it’s a continuing process.

Today we need a new kind of leader – a resilient, I-know-how-to navigate-this-craziness kind of leader who creates the future rather than simply reacting to it. 

Is this you?

Together we’ll create a personalized, powerful, and pragmatic roadmap to navigate the turbulence you face, to create your future with increased energy, focus, and impact.