Q4 Consulting Clients

In addition to working with individual clients, we’re honored to work with a diversity of organizations—conscious business visionaries, notable multi-national companies, & committed entrepreneurs.


Dr. Chris helped me regain my confidence and self-esteem after a few severe blows at work. Her support and thoughtful reflection has enabled me to more clearly see what I want, and how to navigate getting to what I value most. I was reassured by her very thoughtful approach to evaluating my strengths and areas for self-improvement. Engaging with her in a leadership coaching capacity has really helped me far beyond what I thought possible; I’m happy with the results that I am seeing and feeling.
Diane Letson

Director, New Product Sourcing, Feeding America

I really enjoyed our Mindful Leadership retreat and find myself reflecting on learnings from that day, especially that mindful leaders are more empowered to hold ambiguity, an essential skill these days. I’ve been using what I’ve learned to help shape my conversations, first by centering myself and then inviting others to do the same.

Chris was the exact right person to work with our Senior Leaders. I believe the progress made in those two days and the commitment to the work that continues is a direct result of our team’s confidence and trust in Chris’ ability to guide us.

Lisa Breen Strickland

Chief Development Office, FLY Fresh Lifelines for Youth

Chris is a wonderful coach and facilitator. I’ve had the experience of working with her from the client perspective as well as in partnership to provide leadership training. Chris is top notch!

Heidi Speight

Training Director, The Natural Step Network

Working with Chris, I began to appreciate that my capacity to lead and transform my organization could only increase through others. At first “mindfulness” sounded to me like squishy overused synonym for group hugs and undisciplined leadership.

I’m very thankful that I was open-minded enough to listen, read and learn about the science behind Chris’s Core Presence Coaching™ process, based in mindfulness practices. By acknowledging and appreciating the need to connect with others, and practicing mindful awareness, I was able to engage more deliberately with co-workers and lead in the organization.

Nick Blawat

VP Strategy, US Foods