Protect Your Energy:

Essential Practices in a Demanding World

February 26th, 2024, 11 a.m. CT

Today giving yourself to the point of exhaustion is often commended. Even worse, expected.

Your energy may appear boundless to those around you, but underneath the performative smiles and team player positivity, you know you’re utterly depleted.

The more you deny yourself time and space to recover, the more likely you are to overextend yourself and face mental or physical setbacks as a result.

Burnout is sneaky because you don’t realize you’re borrowing from tomorrow to get through today.” ~Emily Leahy

One of the greatest self-care practices you can do is protect your energy.

Because, no matter how messy and uncertain the world may be, you can cultivate resilience by protecting your energy with intentional thoughts, choices, and actions. Recognizing your energy drains – in body and mind – is essential.

Join me to discover the top energy leaks leaders make and how to plug them.

Discover how working to generate consistent energy will elevate your leadership and create the conditions for you and your team to create your most significant difference.  

“The more conscious a person is, the closer to their potential that person lives, and the more positive energy he or she has to use.”

– Bruce Schneider



This Masterclass is a ‘must attend’ if you have: 


  • Lost the sense of purpose and passion you used to bring to your work
  • Difficulty focusing and feel plagued by distractions
  • Growing cynicism and detachment at work and home
  • Few work boundaries – you engage after hours, on weekends, on vacation
  • Felt like you are trapped in a vicious, inescapable loop
  • Noticed yourself overreacting, showing up late, and missing deadlines
  • Become a stranger to family, friends, and co-workers


In today’s dynamic business landscape, where culture must align with employee values, having a competitive edge is crucial to success.  

This Masterclass will provide you with key insights into working with your energy and highlight your leadership advantage.  

In this empowering, energizing and interactive 75-minute session, you will learn: 

  • The top energy leaks and what they’re really costing you 
  • Solutions to plug your current leaks and prevent new ones
  • How to renew your energy on the spot and sustain it (AKA resilience)
  • The power of pause in protecting your choices and energy
  • Practices to reset and recover your energy

There will also be time for you to ask questions and receive guidance during the class. 

Join me on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. CT to reclaim your energy and grow impactful connections.  


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Being great at our own game – whether it’s sports or leadership – is only possible when outside matches inside,

when our actions are an authentic expression of who we are and what we’re feeling on the inside.”  

– Ginny Whitelaw 

Meet Your Host – Chris L. Johnson, PsyD

With over 25 + years of experience and learning in human development, Chris Johnson, PsyD., noticed a pattern.  

  1. Intentional leadership based on self-awareness and energy management makes for a stronger organization.
  2. Leaders focused on how it’s always been done or who push past energy limits without renewal, miss opportunities for high impact contribution.

Sustainable performance requires the cultivation of the dynamic interplay between expending energy and renewing energy.  

Simply put… if you want to grow your capacity as a leader you have to do these two things simultaneously.   

  1. Extend beyond your ordinary limits to achieve something extraordinary. 
  2. Seek recovery regularly. 

To make changes that last for the long haul, you have to change your internal patterns. 

Chris founded Q4 Consulting because she believes that leaders go first in cultivating their own energy, developing strong teams and cultures, and growing healthy workplaces. Chair of Conscious Capitalism Chicago, she is committed to cultivating conscious leaders to meet the demands of the future.