Navigating Life

A 3-part series

Life’s a journey. And you’ve been navigating it pretty well so far, despite the few detours, flat tires, and dead ends–you handled them all.


Yet lately,  your speed is slowed, and you may even be ‘parked’ as you try to determine your next destination.


If you’re ready to recalibrate your internal GPS and get moving, the Navigating Life Series will help lead the way. Like a GPS, you’ll be guided one action at a time to arrive at your chosen destination.


The interactive workshops in this series highlight the positive shifts in mental clarity, energy and conversations that occur when you pay close attention to the ride and skillfully navigate the journey.


You’ll develop the sensibilities to read the landscape and waters around you to find more confidence, make a stand for what matters, and communicate clearly (even in conflict).


You’ll learn how to work with your internal GPS to cultivate presence, collaborate for impact, and engage effectively with other people on the journey.


If you’re ready to move your life toward your destination, sign up for the Navigating Life Series (or a workshop of your choice).



Mindfulness in the Ups and Downs of Navigating Everyday Life

Everyday life brings many opportunities to be with ‘what is,’ and practice the art of letting go of your attachments to how things ‘should be’ vs. ‘how they are’ along your route. You may need to find your sea legs before you can reach your ultimate destination.


Conversations in a Disconnected World

We’ve all been there. Wondering how a conversation will go. If we should bother to have a conversation at all. Maybe we avoid a conversation for fear of a tricky or disappointing outcome.

Develop the skills for breakthrough conversations that is key to making the difference you want to make.  You’ll test drive the essentials to a great conversation while applying the latest neuroscience insight of your internal GPS to guide you along.


Finding Focus (& Sanity) at Work

Direct your attention at a primary source of stress and anxiety for so many modern professionals: our offices, work and colleagues (co-workers and bosses) and juggling it all as we transition home.

Learn the secret to productivity today—beyond cloud computing and incredibly useful smartphones: it actually lies within and between us. Mindfulness as a force multiplier.


“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”

-- Rabbi Shemuel ben Nachmani