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A Mindful Course™

Thursday evenings

March 8th – May 3rd, 2018

6:30 PM – 8:45 PM

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Forget Bitcoin!

Conversation Is the New Currency

Tuesday evening
February 20th
7:00PM – 9:30 PM

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Forget Bitcoin! Conversation is the New Currency    

Friday, December 1, 2017

9:00am – 1:00pm


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Let’s face it, there’s fear and frenzy in the air these days around simply having conversations. With colleagues at work, neighbors down the street, even family members.

While civil conversation seems in short supply, brooding and blaming are abundant. We deplete our usual generosity, become less effective at achieving our collective goals and sacrifice our connection with others which can lead to isolation. In the past year have you:

  • Found yourself wondering about the odds of a conversation going well?
  • Questioned if a conversation’s even worth the cost of having?
  • Caught yourself frustrated and exhausted just hoping it’ll all just get better somehow?
  • Narrowed your professional and personal contact to a minimum to avoid a conversation ‘hangover’?

If so, join me on Wednesday, August 30th for “Forget Bitcoin, Conversation is the New Currency,” an evening of conversational exploration and practice. In this interactive event, you’ll learn:

  • how a scarcity mindset sets us up to get stuck in conversations & what you can do about it
  • how to tune into your own knee-jerk reactions & how to turn them around
  • how to move into spirited conversations more skillfully; positively impacting your long-term health, decision-making, & relationships
  • how to expand your circle and find more fulfillment and benefit in those connections

While this me sound a bit risky (aren’t all good things?), you’ll leave refreshed and newly inspired in your conversations.

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Arrive a few minutes early to settle in. Parking’s free. Adult beverages and snacks provided.