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Quick glance at all upcoming events with Q4 Consulting

  • Doing Power Differently: A Half-Day Embodied Learning Lab for Women Explore & expand your leadership in this hands-on experiential leadership intensive for women who want to step more fully into their power, their joy and difference they want to make.
  • Navigating Life: An interactive series of three workshops where you’ll uncover your primary sources of stress and regain focus and connection. You’ll explore how to have breakthrough conversations (even the hard ones!).  Lastly, you’ll learn how not to get stuck in everyday frustrations but to find joy in each moment.  Positive shifts in mental clarity, enegy and convesations  will occur when you pay close attention to the ride and skillfully navigate the journey.
  • A Mindful Course –  An in-person 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (mbsr) class to learn basic mindfulness practices and how to live fully in daily life.


Doing Power Differently: 

Saturday August 24th, 2019

9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

1211 W 22nd St.

Training Center

Oak Brook, IL 60523

$170 Let’s Go

$195 I’m Coming!

$225 Hold My Seat!

Doing Power Differently: A Half-Day Embodied Learning Lab for Women, is an experiential lab for professional women who want to reclaim their energies and increase their impact without burning out.


Who doesn’t want to have great energy and make a difference?!


Every successful woman I’ve ever known, led by engaging with the people in her life, determining what matters most and acting from there – whether raising a family, running a business, or holding public office.


Yet somehow, as women, we can get side-tracked.


We end up trying to square our ideal life with what’s so patently, obviously urgent all around us: the rush of daily life, constant decisions, juggling the never-ending to-do list.

  • We feel squeezed, yet we hesitate to take a stand for ourselves.
  • We wait for permission—my personal go-to.
  • We slip into auto-piloting our way through life, gradually losing touch with the bigger picture–what matters most to us.


As a result, it’s gets harder to ignore those places in life, relationships and career, where we aren’t showing up fully as ourselves.


Anxiety swells up inside when all we really want to do is take the next damn move!


Then it dawns on us that somehow, we’ve been getting in our own way.


Wow. So how did I get here?” you’re thinking.


Truth be told, there are lots of paths to feeling this way, yet it matters less how you got here, and more that you’re ready to change it.


What you really need to do is tap into the wisdom that already lives inside you.


When was the last time you actually paused to listen to your own inner voice?


You know, the one who does really get you,all the way down to your bones.


From one busy professional woman to another, I know how difficult it is to step back, to slow down, to listen.


The most common, consistent reason it’s so difficult is we tell ourselves, ‘I don’t have enough time,’ and “I couldn’t possibly take that kind of time for myself (and away from others).” This, despite the fact that in so many ways you truly do already know what you need.


Fact is, many of us simply give up on ourselves, relinquishing our power, because we don’t prioritize ourselves. If we did, we’d have a clear sense of what matters most, and we’d make a stand for it.


Instead, we grab the latest Brene Brown book, jump on a TED talk for inspiration, or convince ourselves that joining the company’s women’s group will provide the magic. . . while we push our quiet, inner voice away.


If you’ve read this far, you’re invested in changing this situation for yourself.


By actively choosing to listen to yourself, to claim what is rightly yours – power, respect – yes, the occasional nap – you can transform just about anything. The ripple effects of this change will expand to your work, relationships, and overall life.


I know. I’ve been there, too.


The key to reclaiming your energies and making your impact, well, it’s been here all along.


In Doing Power Differently you’ll learn the most effective way to reclaim yourself—the body’s way.


I’m not offering 3-easy steps to change your life or “manifesting” tricks here. Instead, by engaging in this experiential and energizing lab, you’ll tap the wisdom of your body and intuition to consciously cultivate your Self as a leader.


You’ll tap into your Core Presence (your personal power), learn easy practices that support your energy, creativity, action, and come away refreshed, with new possibilities for action in your day-to-day life.


You’ll be living more fully in your personal power.


“I was nervous & I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. Yet this was just what I needed!”

“I learned I didn’t have to feel pressured into the nextaction.”

“It’s a totally different way to be powerful – I loved it! “

“I learned new tools and increased my self -awareness of how I can take back my power.”

“I loved the personal time for reflection.”

“Learning to ‘drop in on myself’ was so powerful.” 

Specifically you’ll:

  1. Practice centering under pressure to stay in alignment with your core values
  2. Explore how to remain open, even during difficult conversations, without taking it personally
  3. Cultivate resiliency as a resource, with the big and small stuff of life
  4. Practice taking a stand for what matters most to you
  5. Receive powerful reflections from a highly skilled facilitator
  6. Tap the wisdom of your body as a resource for integrating thoughts, emotions and actions (it’s a superpower!)


Are you ready for a new expression of your power – one that is innovative, inclusive, values- action based, and embodied?

“I love Chris’ teachings on embodiment. I will use the breathing to connect my body into work with me.”

“I learned that physical practices can be so easy and make such a difference! Centering & owning space.”

“Learning to center had the biggest impact. I didn’t feel pressured into the next action.”

“Centering and owning my space was so powerful.”

“I moved beyond what I know into how I feel.”

“Chris is an inspiring leader. Connecting to my body to help me slow my thoughts down an be present.”


Good news: neuroscience research reveals that we learn through immersion and repetition against the backdrop of what we care about.

So even if you’ve attended an earlier iteration of Doing Power Differently, consider joining this learning lab to continue exploring the five areas that are vital to all women who step into their power:

  1. Pausing—This is the Moment
  2. Inclusiveness—We’re all in this together
  3. Centered Listening—Listening without taking it personally
  4. Speaking Up—Taking a Stand with Clarity & Precision
  5. Pragmatic Action—Making Your Difference


Thoughts from participants:

“The group engagement was great! Other like-minded women were inspiring.”

“Great tools for using to confront difficult co-workers and boss.”

“It’s amazing how some of the most successful women still need help in areas of their lives!”

“There is one unique me and if I don’t fulfill all I’m meant to the world loses out.”

“Chris is an inspiring leader. Connecting to my body to help me slow my thoughts down an be present.”


This 5-hour learning lab is for you if you’re:

  • Looking for deeply impactful and sustainable self-care practices
  • Willing to explore embodied life patterns and shift them into purposeful action
  • Ready to move out of limiting beliefs and step into your full potential
  • Seeking greater influence and impact in your life
  • Longing to live fully and mindfully in the moment

The world is ready for you in your full power. Dare you show up?

With fierce grace and love,


Chris L. Johnson, PsyD.Founder Q4 Consulting, Inc. & the Core Presence Institute

A Mindful Course™

Eight Thursday evenings

March 28th – May 16th, 2019

6:30 PM – 8:45 PM

Orientation is on Thursday March 21st at 1301 W. 22nd St, Ste 715 & required for class participation.  Early bird discounts available until Thursday March 8th, 2019.

Cancellations before March 28th will receive a full price refund for this event. We are unable to offer refunds after March 28th, 2019.

As a professional you want to be primed to take on the opportunities you’ve worked so hard to earn.

You want to work with your stress & energies to respond attentively in the board room and at the kitchen table.

You want to improve your health and quality of sleep, by markedly reducing the effects of stress-related health conditions.

You want to be effusively present for what matters most to you. (less screen time, more face time)

Simply, you want to live fully.

Cultivate Mindfulness.

In this hands-on, intimate Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) course – led by Dr. Chris Johnson–a certified instructor with 19 years’ experience – you’ll learn scientifically-proven mindfulness practices to reduce your stress, build your resilience & deepen your sense of fulfillment

Neuroscience research tells us that attending to the constant activity of the mind for a few brief minutes can yield powerful and even surprising information.

Orientation on Thursday March 21st  2019 (required & early bird discount taken.)  Maximum class size: 12. Reserve your seats early. Meets for eight weeks from 3/28/19  – 5/16/19.

Eventbrite - A Mindful Course™: A Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class


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