Embrace Embodiment:

Live & Lead

with Your Full Self

March 22, 2024 12 noon CT

April 19, 2024   12 noon CT

May 15, 2024    12 noon CT


Join host Chris Johnson, PsyD, Renee Gregorio, PCC, and Amanda Blake, PhD. for a deep dive conversation to move the needle towards a more fully embodied life at one or more of these no-cost conversations.

Do you . . .

* Want to share a clear and compelling message and yet get stalled out or tangled up when you try?


* Get tripped up, repeating habits and patterns of behavior that incur more costs than benefits?


* Long for clarity and options to improve your effectiveness?


The common thread in these questions lives in the body – our bodies are exquisitely designed to maximize energy and effectiveness.


As the field of embodiment has grown – and become increasingly integrated into business, leadership development, and coaching –  it’s important to stay on the cutting edge of these new developments.


Imagine what it would be like not only to understand why something simple can be so difficult but also how you can move more effectively into new actions and habits that produce the outcomes you’re looking for.


Well, you don’t have to imagine at all!


Embrace Embodiment: Live & Lead with Your Full Self is about the powerful yet overlooked role of the body in everyday life, creativity, and leadership. You won’t want to miss this series by three experts in somatic learning, embodied leadership, and executive coaching.


Join host Dr. Chris Johnson, author of The Leadership Pause, Renee Gregorio, poet and author of The Writer Who Inhabits Your Body, and Dr. Amanda Blake, author of Your Body is Your Brain, in moving the needle towards living a more fully embodied life at one or more of these no-cost conversations.


 “Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are.

~ Jose Ortega y Gasset, Spanish philosopher

Roundtable Conversation 1: Opening Doorways to Clear, Creative Expression

Did you know that by aligning our energy centers of head, heart, and hara, we have access to language that is honest, intentional, and direct?


Or that by dropping your attention from your overactive head into your powerful belly/hara, you can settle yourself enough to hear the words that want to move through you?


And that by shifting your attention you can access language that is uniquely your own?


In this conversation, we’ll explore the art, science, and practice behind these questions…

  • How does learning to center in and through your body help your writing or creativity?

  • What would it mean to be a stellar listener and to allow that listening to affect your expression?

  • How would increasing your ability to be direct through your body affect the clarity of your writing or creative expression?


Roundtable Conversation 2: Adaptability & Learning in a World on Fire

Did you know… that the top 21st-century skill for living is the capacity to adapt to change? 

As the pace of change accelerates, we all need to learn faster and adapt more.

And it turns out the body plays a key role.


In this conversation, we’ll explore the art, science, and practice behind these questions…

  • What does the research reveal about the relationship between attention, embodiment, and adaptability?

  • How can you leverage that relationship to increase your capacity to learn from changing circumstances?

  • What simple steps can make adaptability and resilience second nature?

Roundtable Conversation 3: Leadership Effectiveness & the Power of a Pause

Did you know… that your effectiveness as a leader improves as you cultivate your leadership presence?

And that presence can be cultivated, starting with attuning to your body awareness. 


In this conversation, we’ll explore the art, science, and practice behind these questions…

  • How can a seductively simple pause practice can make all the difference in your leadership?

  • What are the four best practices for leadership effectiveness that start with – you?

  • Why is deliberate practice important to embodying presence as a leader?

You Can Expect To Take Away…


  • Why tuning into sensations is vital to your creative expression, learning, and leadership

  • Understanding the science of learning and why it matters

  • How to upgrade and expand your winning strategies for success

  • The embodied relationship between your energy, boundaries, and decision-making

  • Next steps for tapping into your full expression and power


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Meet the Experts

Chris L. Johnson, PsyD – Your Host

Chris works with leaders and teams to sharpen their focus, grow their resilience, and improve their energy for exemplary results. Chris a reputation for surfacing and working with the hard things, and pragmatically using those to support a balanced, integrated life where decisions align with the wisdom of the body. In short, she’s dedicated to transformational change.

By integrating evidence-based teachings on the neurobiology of attention and the wisdom of the body, Chris provides professionals with practical approaches to leading in our volatile, uncertain, and chaotic world.

Author of the best-seller, The Leadership Pause,  and a mindfulness educator, Chris is a sought-after Executive Leadership Coach and Speaker. She currently serves as the Chair of the Chicago Chapter of Conscious Capitalism, where the mission is to ‘elevate humanity through business.’  A long-time practitioner of aikido, when she’s not working, you’ll find her doing kata in the yard, gardening or hiking, cooking, or reading a great book.

Renee Gregorio, PCC

Renée is a poet, longtime Aikido practitioner, and Master Somatic Coach. Taking an embodied approach to writing, she offers a step-by-step experiential program to help you center yourself in your body and, in so doing, expand your creative capacity on the page and in your life. Rather than provide a guide to writing, she helps you identify and give voice to the writer within.

Renee has published nine books of poetry and has won several writing awards and grants, including the New Mexico Book Award for Poetry and residencies at the Millay Colony for the Arts and the Mabel Dodge Luhan House. Her latest book is The Writer Who Inhabits Your Body.  She teaches body-centered writing workshops across the United States. She lives in New Mexico. You can reach her at: Renée Gregorio (reneegregorio.com)

Amanda Blake, PhD.

Amanda is the author of the award-winning book Your Body Is Your Brain, and creator of the Body = Brain™ course on the neurobiology of experiential leadership learning.

In addition to teaching about the art and science of embodiment, she works with leaders worldwide to help them become their best self, enjoy life more, and make a bigger contribution. Once an internationally competitive athlete, Mandy is skilled at cultivating high performance in herself and others.

As a Master Somatic Leadership Coach, she is known for supporting pragmatic yet profound transformations in her clients. She holds a degree in Human Biology from Stanford University and a doctorate in Management from Case Western Reserve University.  She’s also a longtime yoga enthusiast, mountaineer, and musician. Learn more at embright.org.


“To rid yourself of old patterns, focus all your energy not on struggling with the old, but on building the new.”

~ Dan Millman, author