The Wellness Fallacy: Professional Women Need More than Mantras

January 30, 2024, 11 a.m. CT

What Is It?


As a professional woman do you find at times that you’re confused, disappointed, even ashamed? You don’t quite understand how after busting your behind to get *here* you feel empty and disillusioned.


What a waste of time – following the rules, jumping through hoops, plastering on a smile, making sacrifices, being “nice” – only to feel depleted and duped!


The systems and structures we inhabit to advance our lives do provide opportunities. At the same time, they can be unfair, oppressive, biased, and broken.


This paradox continues to exist and justify itself by placing responsibility squarely on you. If it’s not working for you, it’s up to you to fix yourself:  Do what you need to do to get it right  – Go for run. Meditate. Get more sleep. Drink a smoothie. Book a massage. Take this supplement. Scream into a pillow!


Your wellness  – emotional, environmental, mental, physical, social, and spiritual – is one more external achievement you must navigate.


This is the wellness fallacy.



 ” A woman’s health is her capital.

~ Harrriet Beecher Stowe

What You Must Know

The solution for wellness isn’t going to be found outside of you.


Wellness lives within your personal decisions and choices. When they align with your values you will have clarity. And this will lead you to living a life with purpose.


In its most simple form, it comes down to living with authenticity.


Determining what is authentic to you is how you build the foundation of wellness.


The state of wellness does not exist in a state of struggle. It is a state of homeostasis.


Homeostasis is defined as a self-regulating process by which a living organism can maintain internal stability while adjusting to changing external conditions.


What does it take to find that?


During This Free Roundtable Session

You Can Expect To Take Away…


  • Understanding the Wellness Fallacy and its impact

  • Why self-compassion is so vital to your wellness

  • How to begin to uncover your values – & fun ways to do it

  • The relationship between your boundaries, decisions, and energy

  • Next steps for finding authentic wellness


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Meet the Experts

Chris L. Johnson, PsyD – Your Host

Chris Johnson works with leaders and teams to sharpen their focus, grow their resilience, and improve their energy for exemplary results. founder of Q4 Consulting, Inc., Chris has built a reputation for surfacing and working with the hard things, and pragmatically using those to support a balanced, integrated life where decisions align with the wisdom of the body. In short, she’s dedicated to transformational change.

By integrating evidence-based teachings on the neurobiology of attention and the wisdom of the body, Chris provides professionals with practical approaches to leading in our volatile, uncertain, and chaotic world.

A best-selling Author (The Leadership Pause) and Mindfulness Educator, Chris is a sought-after Executive Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Retreat Leader. She currently serves as the Chair of the Chicago Chapter of Conscious Capitalism, where the mission is to ‘elevate humanity through business.’

Renee Moorefield, PhD, MCC

Renee Moorefield is CEO of Wisdom Works, a social enterprise working with global companies to bring the science and practices of human thriving to life in their work cultures, brands, and leadership—and make thriving a new standard of success.

She is also Executive Director of Be Well Lead Well®, a science-based platform of assessments, culture change resources, strategic advisory services, and education for the development of healthier leadership.

Renee is on the Advisory Board for the wellness nonprofit, Global Wellness Institute and the Program Advisory Board for the mental health nonprofit, John W. Brick Foundation. For over three decades, Renee has provided thought leadership and state-of-the-art resources to fuel a global movement of leaders who make thriving a priority at work, at home, and in all walks of society.

Cindy Tsai, MD

Dr. Cindy Tsai  is an award-winning double board-certified Physician, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author and Chief Wellness Officer. As the Founder of Yes & More, a personal growth and wellness company, she empowers leaders and organizations to say YES to themselves and more and truly thrive through comprehensive mind-body-spirit wellness programs.

Her extensive training at Ivy League institutions and clinical experiences as an Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine physician highlighted the impact of chronic stress on the body and fueled her mission to do more than prescribe medications as a band-aid. Her passions lie in preventative health and holistic well-being with a vision to foster a healthier and happier world.


Belinda Ruiz, RN

Belinda Ruiz is the founder and nurse practitioner at B Holistic Health, a cutting-edge concierge functional medicine virtual clinic. At the forefront of healthcare innovation, Belinda and her team at B Holistic Health are dedicated to redefining the patient experience. They achieve this by treating each individual as a unique entity, meticulously crafting personalized treatment plans that address a range of health factors.

A significant part of Belinda’s approach involves educating patients about the foundational pillars of health that are crucial for longevity and quality of life. Her integrative methodology not only nurtures individual well-being but also aims to reshape the future of healthcare. Belinda’s mission is centered around a healthcare system imbued with empathy and personalization, ensuring comprehensive care for every patient.

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You can’t say ‘yes’ to everything and not say ‘yes’ to taking care of yourself.

— Shonda Rhimes