As we move to wrap up Calm the Chaos for Busy Professionals we don’t want to lose momentum but continue it. This upcoming 5th week we’ll focus on Module 5 Mapping Your Route.

  1. To prep for this, plan to review all your materials and practices. The review itself will keep your learning more alive.
  2. You’ve likely taken a look at the Energy Audit and Energy Renewing Practices. Reflect on those with an eye & ear & heart towards what will serve you best in the days ahead.
  3. As you reflect on Core Values and Purpose, play by pairing them with some of the movement practices you’ve been exploring. For example, you might want to spend some quiet time reflecting while you’re on a walk. Or, you may find that as you connect with ‘what matters most’ to you, that you’d moved to dance, nap, or call that old friend you’ve not connected with in a long time. Listen to these movements of life within you & follow them.
  4. We’ll be doing more together – in the class – for the upcoming 5th class.
  5. Check out the extra movement videos in the Resources section before Friday morning for extra credit :)

To your new venture,


Module 4 Meaning & Movement: