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Awaken Your Power, Explore Your Path, Embody Your Full Presence, November 14-16, 2018
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How are your Superpowers serving you?

Have you been conquering your goals in a pair of rockin’ red boots or have you been hiding your real power and knowledge under a dark cape?

I know you’ve been thinking about tackling your next big challenge, noteworthy goal, or exciting new role.

But, you know you have unrealized potential – places in your life and career where you haven’t been accessing your power for the greater good.

That’s why you’re seeking a way to begin fully engaging your Superpowers, connecting with other women who can see and appreciate your strengths, and ultimately, making the impact you want to make in the world.

You have a strong sense of what’s possible and you’re ready to be the hero of your own life.

We saved you a seat on the invisible plane, please join us!


Chris L. Johnson, PsyD.
Founder, Q4 Consulting, Inc. & the Core Presence Institute

"A pause gives you breathing space to listen to the whispers of the real you waiting to happen."

-- Tara Estacaan

You’ve learned a lot to get where you are today. You don’t need more classes or a guru. 

You need reflection time, and someone to gently guide you while asking the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask, and speaking the challenges you didn’t know you were experiencing. You need to open some new doors inside yourself and explore.

In collaboration with the other retreat participants, you’ll co-create the space to do just that! We’ll help you identify your unique superpower, while gently spotlighting those pesky blind spots, otherwise known as – your unrealized potential. This might happen in a Circle Session. Or, it might happen during a nature hike. It might come to you after awakening from a deep, restful sleep.

Either way, you’ll see and feel things much differently after leaving this retreat. In fact, you’ll be a more fully alive version of yourself after taking this time away.

We’ll take a deeper dive into experiential practices of Attention (mindfulness), 360 Awareness (somatic, full-body awareness), and the Language of Deep Conversations, to further leverage possibilities for shifting conversations and making contributions through accessing our superpowers.

We know that leaders lead best, and most powerfully, when they’re on point with what matters most to them, well-rested, energized (yes, sleep & self-care rate highly here), deeply supported, and resourced.

We’ve got you covered.


Retreat Itinerary

  • Arrival  — Wednesday, November 14
    • 4:00pm — Check-in at the Bella Vista Suites
      5:30pm — Opening Session
      7:00pm — Light Dinner Reception
  • Day 1 — Thursday, November 15 
    • 8 :00am — Breakfast
      8:45am  — Arriving & Sitting Practice
      9:00am  — Session 1
      12:00pm — Lunch/Spa/Hike
      2:00pm  — Session 2
      4:00pm  — Nature Walk on the Lake Shore Path
      5:00pm  — Day’s End Session
  • Day 2 — Friday, November 16
    • 8 :00am — Breakfast
      8:45am  — Arriving & Sitting Practice
      9:00am  — Session 1
      12:00pm  — Lunch/Spa/Hike
      1:30pm  — Session 2
      3:30pm — Mindful Walk
      4:00  — Final Session, complete by 5:30p.m

You’re a Perfect Fit for the Retreat If: 

  • You’re mission-driven and seeking greater influence and impact
  • You believe that connecting your experience with nature, your body, and others is central to developing as a leader
  • You’re willing to contribute to creating a safe space for everyone—including you—to explore uncomfortable questions and embodied patterns
  • You’re committed to the work (and reward) of living life fully, connected to your purpose
  • You’re growth-minded, in a transition, and ready for more clarity, focus, and ease in your life and work
  • You’re ready to move out of limiting beliefs, embodied patterns and overwhelm to live fully and mindfully in the moment
  • You believe in transparency. You’re willing to be open & honest about your challenges and questions, and willing to try something new — a practice, a conversation, a perspective

You’ll leave able to:

  • Center under pressure into presence so that you are more able to show up and act as the leader/parent/partner you want to be
  • Cultivate resiliency as a resource so you can engage purposefully with the growing ambiguity, complexity, and power of our world
  • Act with greater agency and power while taking a stand for yourself and/or others
  • Engage conflict with greater compassion and dignity – for yourself and others – while staying true to your values and boundaries
  • Think clearly to address life’s complex problems, resulting in more skillful conversations, enhanced decision-making, and increased creativity
  • Design and commit to a plan for increasing focus, presence, and confidence in your leadership journey

"As a leader, it's a major responsibility on your shoulders to practice the behavior you want others to follow."

-- Himanshu Bhatia

Lodging & Accommodations

Bella Vista Suites is a luxurious boutique hotel on Lake Geneva’s stunning waterfront. It features a sparkling indoor pool, on-site Heartland Spa, and detoxifying Himalayan Salt Sauna – all within easy walking distance of downtown Lake Geneva with its first-class shopping, local dining, arts, antiques, and interesting history.

You’ll enjoy a private, comfortable room equipped with a soothing hot tub. You’ll have time to explore on your own, get in a hike, or sign up for a spa treatment of your choice at the in-house Heartland Spa.

“I’ve been so fortunate that the life I’ve been given has been surrendered early on to commitments way larger than I could ever accomplish in my own lifetime.”
~ Lynne Twist

“Your life is always speaking to you. The fundamental spiritual question is: Will you listen?”
~ Oprah Winfrey

What’s Included with Women Rising Retreat

Your retreat registration includes:

  • 2 nights’ accommodation (November 14th & 15th, 2018) at the Bella Vista Suites (private rooms)
  • Evening Session and light dinner on Wednesday night
  • Breakfast and lunch on Thursday
  • Breakfast and lunch on Friday
  • 2.5 days of Core Circle Conversation with plenty of time for embodied practice, questions & individual support

Your investment for 2.5 days of Core Circle Conversations, Embodied Practice, 2 nights’ hotel accommodation, 2 optional self-care activities, and a new coterie of supportive professional women is $850, single occupancy.

  • Early Bird Special if you apply before October 8th, 2018 is $775.
  • Payment plans in two installments available until October 15, 2018. General price is $850.
  • For Group discount information contact
  • Click here to register

Payment plans are available. Registration is limited to 16 people and closes on Tuesday November 6th, 2018.


Bella Vista Suites is regionally located a short distance from Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee, WI.
335 Wrigley Drive, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Bella Vista Suites


Milwaukee is about 55 minute drive to Bella Vista Suites in Lake Geneva.


Chicago is about a 90 min drive to Bella Vista Suites in Lake Geneva.


Madison is about a 75 min drive from Bella Vista Suites in Lake Geneva.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve never worked with Dr. Chris in one of her programs? Can I still attend the retreat?
We learn and grow through practice and repetition. Attending one of Dr. Chris’s workshops or learning series will jump start your learning, effectively preparing you for the Retreat. Visit the Events & Registration Page to see if there are other happenings you’re also interested in.

That said, you can complete the questionnaire and share your interest and experience with Dr. Chris to ensure this retreat will meet your goals.

When should I arrive?
Check-in at Bella Vista Suites starts at 4:00pm on Wednesday, November 14th.  An evening session begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Penthouse, followed by a reception.

If you’d like, you can choose to arrive early to take advantage of autumn’s quaint and natural beauty in Lake Geneva. The front desk can hold your luggage until your room is ready.

Or, you could come in the day before and book an extra night directly through the hotel.

Can I share a room with another attendee?
You could, though likely won’t want to! The basic retreat registration fee includes a king size, single occupancy room.
Will there be time to relax and recharge throughout the retreat?
Of course! Our schedule will include plenty of rest and reflection time, as well as flexible time for connecting in small groups or exploring the local area.
What should I pack?
We’ll have a complete packing list ready for you about a month before we meet up. But here’s the general gist: you’ll want to pack casual clothing in layers, as well as walking-around-town shoes. We will be exploring the Lake Shore Path so you might also want clothes and shoes comfortable for light hiking.