A Core Presence Leadership™ Series for Women
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Are you wondering what’s possible if you owned your (super)power?

Hint: Transformation.

This past year, we’ve witnessed and cheered many who’ve courageously stepped forward to speak their truth, confront abuses of power and greed, and called for justice to address harassment, extreme bias, and violence.

The rising power and impact of women’s leadership is more palpable now than ever. What we’re currently experiencing is much more than a meme or hashtag – there’s a genuine movement afoot!

This momentum has you feeling inspired and called to do more to affect change on your own terms – in your workplace, home, community, and country.

But, you aren’t sure where to start.

You’re not sure how to access and sustain the resources you’ll need.

You not sure you want to do it alone.

You’re not sure if you’re ready.

Come closer, I want to tell you something.

Now is the time.

The time for us to join and face the realities of life and work before us, to listen deeply, to gather our collective strength for action. 

We’re in this together. We all deserve our seat at the table.

It’s the time for us to step forward and present our power to the world.

If you’re a woman who longs to take a deeper dive into self-transformation, because you know it’s the most powerful way to transform the world, this leadership series is for you.

The Practice of Core Presence™ Leadership

Using key experiential practices of Attention (mindfulness), 360 Awareness (somatic, full-body awareness), and the Language of Deep Conversations, we’ll begin to explore the possibilities for shifting the conversation and making contributions through accessing your Superpowers.


  • Presence – Engaging Energy & Mood
    Juggling numerous & competing commitments depletes our energy. Learn to engage your energies & moods to fit any situation.
  • Purpose – Voice & Choice – Speaking Your Commitments
    Find your voice. Which values drive your actions? Express your life’s longing with absolute conviction.
  • Perspective – Living in Full Expression
    Explore beliefs & mindsets about power. Use your authentic power “with and for” what you long for in your life.
  • People – Connection, Community & Care
    Explore what’s at the heart of your connections—your values & relationships. Enhance your capacity to connect & receive.
  • Practices – Integration – Congruence in Thought & Action
    Focus on integrity & accountability. Incorporate practices that embody & sustain your deep commitments.

What to Expect:

  • Five group sessions of content specifically developed by Dr. Chris for this series with new topics introduced each session.
  • Paradigm-shifting content and practices that will be introduced and practiced in each monthly meeting.
  • Access to journaling prompts, curated readings, and videos to deepen your Core Presence.™
  • Opportunities to create real connections with women who share your values and commitment to serve from a broader and deeper platform.
  • Ongoing support from Dr. Chris and your cohorts in a private Facebook group.
  • An elegant celebration of our learning and contributions during our final session.
  • Eligibility to apply for one of the limited spaces the Women’s Core Presence™ Leadership Retreat scheduled in early November 2018.

Once Connected to Your Superpowers, You Will:










I want all of this for you, too.


I’m Dr. Chris Johnson, the founder of Q4 Consulting, and a leading voice in developing the principles and practices of embodied leadership to grow strong leaders, cultivate healthy workplaces, and strengthen communities.

Since 2002, embodied learning and leadership have deeply impacted my life and way of being. I’ve witnessed its incredible impact on others, too. My work allows me to access my own superpowers to cultivate the deep transformational change that you are seeking and our world so desperately needs.

Exemplary leaders know that their ability to influence the future requires cultivating themselves.

They build trust. They openly engage in conversations and practice in real time. They collaborate and coordinate with others to turn their compelling visions into reality.

You can experience this for yourself. That’s why I created a course to help you fully step into your Core Presence™ as an embodied leader and agent of lasting change.

I tell everyone about Chris’ work—it’s so powerful and transformative.

I’m finding out what my real passion is & how I can go about reaching my vision.

When I give my power fully, it allows the other person to be powerful in return.


Own Your Superpowers: The Core Presence Leadership™ Series for Women

Oak Brook Series

When Registering below, please select the first date: April 24

Own Your Superpower

The Core Presence™ Leadership Series for Women

Chicago Series

When Registering below, please select the first date: April 25

Own Your Superpower

The Core Presence™ Leadership Series for Women


We’ll meet for 2 hours once per month, with practice homework in between that will be discussed and shared in our private Facebook group. Our fifth session together will be a special celebration of our learning & contributions. All participants in this series are eligible to apply for a Women’s Leadership Retreat scheduled for early November 2018.

Own Your Superpowers

April, May, June & July – 5 Sessions

Two locations for your convenience:
Oak Brook – Tuesdays, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Downtown Chicago – Wednesdays, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Each class limited to 16 participants.
Register now for early bird discount.

About Chris

I’m Chris Johnson, PsyD., founder of Q4 Consulting, Inc. and the Core Presence Institute™

I’m passionately committed to cultivating exemplary leaders, collaborative teams, healthy workplaces, and thriving communities.

I hold a doctoral degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where my clinical focus has been healing trauma individually, in families, and in the workplace. And as a Master Somatic Coach and Certified Mindfulness Teacher, I’ve offered extensive programs to train attention and tap the body as a rich source of intelligence, wisdom, and action. A key commitment of mine continues to be to extend embodied leadership into the marketplace, and to that end, I’m privileged to serve on the Executive Team for the Chicago Chapter of Conscious Capitalism as Chair of Learning & Practice.

When I’m not working, I’m likely either making art, gardening, reading a great book, or at the Aikido dojo practicing the art of peace.

Dr. Chris met me at a time of great personal and professional transition. She held me accountable to myself. The results? Chris helped me stake out a safe place to explore my newly emerging career path. And, she helped me to clarify a declaration for my future. I never dreamed I’d make such progress. I’d absolutely recommend Chris to anyone seeking to find their path.


Working with Dr. Chris I have discovered some amazing things: I have come to know a person I never thought existed. I feel like magic has happened in my life.


Dr. Chris isn’t constrained by the pretenses of her profession. She is incredibly flexible and responsive, yet has challenged me to stand in my power and build my capacity as a professional.


We will accept applications in the Fall for the November retreat.

Please email kristie@q4-consulting.com for more information about the application process.

UPCOMING: Women’s Leadership Retreat 

An intimate retreat. Reflect. Open. Let go. Allow.

At the luxurious BellaVista Suites boutique hotel on the water featuring a sparkling indoor pool, on-site Heartland Spa, and detoxifying Himalayan Salt Sauna – all within walking distance of downtown Lake Geneva, IL.

We’ll continue the work we began at Own Your Superpower: Core Presence™ Leadership Series for Women with a deeper dive into experiential practices of Attention (mindfulness), 360 Awareness (somatic, full-body awareness), and the Language of Deep Conversations, to further leverage possibilities for shifting conversations and making contributions through accessing our superpowers.

We know that leaders lead best, and most powerfully, when they’re on point with what matters most to them, well-rested, energized (yes, sleep & self-care rate highly here), deeply supported, and resourced. We’ve got you covered.

Discover Your Power to Create the Future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Core Presence Leadership™ training compared to traditional leadership programs?
More traditional leadership programs offer tips, tools, and techniques to function in leadership roles, yet don’t typically address the self that you are as a leader. Your primary source of power does not come from your position or rank, but from those qualities that enable you to connect, inspire, and engage with others toward effective action (your superpowers!).

Working with an embodied focus provides you pragmatic, body-based wisdom to draw from as you deepen your Core Presence™ as a leader. Owning and leveraging your superpowers is what makes all the difference in getting the work done, the contribution made, the world changed.

What are the tangible take-aways from the 'Own Your Superpowers' series?
By the end of this series you’ll walk away with practices, skills, expanded perspectives, and an understanding of how your superpowers are the infrastructure to support who you want to show up as in the world, how you relate with others (and them to you), and the impact you want to have on what’s most meaningful to you. Powerful stuff.
Can I do this if I don't consider myself a leader right now?
Yes, of course! Through my work, I have learned that many women don’t necessarily see themselves as leaders. This could be because of their job title, environment, education level, perspective, or self-doubt.

This series will support you to identify where you want to place your attention and energy to facilitate change by using your inherent powers.

This series is for those who are just beginning to explore leadership, as well as those who are actively leading and ready to make the leap to a bigger cause, stage, or forum. Together, every member of our group will help one another define and own her own superpowers and personal brand of leadership.

What's your policy on refunds?
Tuition for this series is non-refundable. I’ve been working with the content used in this series since 2002 and know the positive impact it has on clients. While I cannot make individual guarantees, if you show up with an open heart and curious mind you will undoubtedly learn skills that support you in leading a more full, connected, and powerful life. You can absolutely count on my full attention, support, humor, honesty, and non-judgment.
I'd like my employer to cover the cost of this series. Can you help me?
Yes! We support many corporations and organizations with our work. Please email us at kristie@Q4-Consulting.com and we can help outline the benefits and skills you’ll acquire in this series framed in an perspective relevant to your employer.