What’s the cost of overriding your natural energetic flow?


Well, let me tell you!


We can all get caught up in our busy lives and lose connection with flow. But if we persist in ignoring, overriding, or tuning out because our attentions are elsewhere for long, we’ll run ourselves down, costing us access to our vital life energy. That includes our health, focus, relationships.


After offering a free Masterclass last week, Protect Your Energy: Essential Practices in a Demanding World, I came face-to-face with my own struggles on this same front. Touché, Universe!


As I was preparing for the Masterclass, listing out the three biggest energy drains, I saw and heard folks struggling with a realization. The big project I’ve been working on the past few months led me to fall prey to each of the big three energy drains too.


It was a humbling realization, and an important one.


Of course, there are times and situations when we’re called to step up, stay the course, and run the race until the end. We make commitments after all, right?


Sometimes we get caught up in unnamed expectations without realizing it. We end up over-committing ourselves and driven to worry and angst.


Once the race is run, the deadline met, the treatment completed or the project seen through, we think we can take a break and renew our fluctuating energies.


At least we rationalize it to ourselves that way.


However, if we’re constantly living with back-to-back races, projects, and obligations with no time for renewal, we’ll sputter out and end up spent.


The result is what leading business consultant, and bestselling author, Annie McKee, calls “the grip of the Sacrifice Syndrome.”



Sacrifice Syndrome arises from the power stress that’s created by a combination of high responsibility and constant self-monitoring, while addressing the myriad of crises that exist in day-to-day leadership.


This can leave even the hardiest among us feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.


Fueled by powerful emotions — concern, interest, resentment, fear — that involve helping and serving, the sacrifices seem worth it.


Putting others first (the team, the project, the community, the partner, etc.) without taking time for self-renewal will take a toll on you, depleting your energy.


You find yourself trying to give more, while having less to give.


In the grips of this syndrome, your self-confidence dips, while momentary lapses in judgment and decision-making strain your energy. The impact of this cycle can affect others too, resulting in strained relationships.


The antidote?


To be fully engaged in the present moment by pausing, feeling your feet, breathing. Only then can clarity come and renew your energy, giving you the space to prioritize your next steps.


We must remember, and help to remind one another, that it’s easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives even when we know better.


While temporary, the process of teaching the Masterclass brought me up short and reminded me that my energy renewal is essential too.


How about you? What’s the cost of your actions to your energy flow?


How’s your level of energy? Have you been caught up in the Sacrifice Syndrome? I’d love to hear from you. Reach me here: DrChris@Q4-Consulting.com



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