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Group Coaching Program for Women
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Given the fast-paced frenzy of our lives, and the perpetual feeling we just don’t have enough time, cultivating clarity for your future has never been more important.
What it requires is pausing and slowing down long enough to listen.
Except we often don’t pause or slow down.
I know I don’t. I’ve had to learn to slow down, check my story, tap into what I care about most.
In the aftermath of my first marriage, feeling raw and tender and more than a little confused, I found myself clinging to old ways in my life that didn’t work any longer, if they ever had.
I was in no way clear about anything. I was exhausted.  So what did I do?
I increased my client hours. I got into an ambitious workout routine. 
I enrolled in a new coaching certification program. More, harder, faster!
This pattern persisted until I broke open. Luckily, I discovered the wisdom of my body. So simple, yet it was my absolute turning point.
None of the striving I thought would change me and my situation had the impact I’d intended. My body – me – had the answer the whole time.
Embodied learning allowed me to cultivate the ability to do something new that I couldn’t do before.
Embodied learning proved to be the key to discovering clarity for myself, and eventually my clients.



Embodied learning is transformative, whole-self learning that informs the way you show up in the world.

Your Path to Clarity

Pausing is not passive. It allows you to listen to your body and gently tune into your energies, moods, emotions and thoughts – giving clarity room to unfold so you can use your own experience to navigate forward.


Cultivating Clarity is a transformational and empowering group program that provides you a practice space to explore and take an honest look at what matters most in the safe space of a circle of women.

Together, We’ll Focus On


  • Slowing down and tuning into your body’s wisdom

  • How stories shape your behavior, perceptions and actions.

  • Actively choosing and cultivating your energies for the situation at hand.

  • Finding your true voice so you can communicate clearly and with conviction.

  • Taking effective action in challenging circumstances while maintaining your dignity.

  • Expanding your current capacity to connect and receive from others.

  • Listening and moving with curiosity to your whole body, heart and mind.

  • How to stay connected to yourself – and what matters – by anchoring into your Core Presence

Cultivating Clarity starts with you – your heart, the conversations you’re having, your story.

You know the phrase, ‘that hit the spot,’ usually preceded by a satisfied sigh? Chris’ course hit the spot, the hungry spot in my life. To find rest, to pause, to breathe. And, in the space created by rest, pause and breath – my life came back to me. Many thanks to Chris for being the best teacher!

Mari, social worker



Chris put herself in my shoes and helped me clarify what I was moving toward, where I was stuck, and how I could to shift into forward progress. Chris isn’t constrained by the pretenses of her profession and practical about business strategies. And,  she’s incredibly flexible and responsive, while challenging me to stand in my power and build my capacity as a professional.  

Laura, attorney mediator, Bridge Mediation & Leadership Solutions




Chris created a chance for me to see myself as capable, resourceful, and flexible despite myself.   Instead Chris helped me look at my situation without fear because she models fearlessness.  Her non-judgmental and patient belief in others kept me from losing faith in myself. 


Chris, college social worker 


Having Dr. Chris to bounce off ideas and solutions has been great for gaining clarity and building work relationships in my new role. I’ve  learned that resolving issues isn’t always about the work, but more about the need to keep the lines of communication. Her suggestions and feedback provided clarity and opened  up win-win opportunities for everyone. 

 Kimberly, VP Market Operations, HCSC


Cultivating Clarity begins with listening then moving with curiosity to focus on your whole body, heart and mind.

Only then can you step into and live your new story.


Cultivating Clarity is Ideal for You If . . .

  • You’re questioning the enormity of the changes required to move forward and what’s needed from you in terms of time, attention and energy.

  • You’ve been feeling stuck, feeling isolated, wishing you had others to talk to that would really ‘get’ your situation.

  • You’re no quitter and you don’t want to let your people down, but you’re headed toward burnout if you don’t find a better way to navigate your life.

  • You find yourself wondering, “How can I tap into that reservoir of energy I used to know?”

  • You’re overwhelmed with all there is to do as you continue to grow your business, adapt to the marketplace, set pace for others and don’t know how to ask for help.

Being human is to know both suffering and joy. You’re likely tired; maybe in pain. Life circumstances are going unprocessed or undigested.

Cultivating Clarity is designed to bring you into a space of greater alignment, to support the processing and digestion of where you’re at, easing your suffering and tap your joy.


Cultivating Clarity: Winter 2020

Oak Brook 22 | 1301 West 22nd Street | Suite 715 | Oak Brook, IL 60523


At our first meeting on Wednesday January 22nd, we’ll take some time to settle into our bodies, journal, reflect and create personal StoryBoards (along with a Word of the Year) that will help guide and ground us.


We’ll laugh, maybe cry, and join in a toast of bubbly to celebrate crafting this new leg of our journey together.


The In-Person Group Sessions will follow on alternating Wednesdays from  6:00 pm to 8:00pm. We’ll share our experiences, we’ll practice presence. We’ll focus on a specific topic to cultivate clarity and what’s needed to move into it with power, grace and right action.


Enroll Today: $599 – Payment in Full $212 – Three Monthly Payments  – $499 – Each When You Bring A Friend 
All workshop materials included.
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Your Story

Stories are, perhaps, “the main cohering force in life.” Our stories reflect our mindset, influence our perceptions and drive our actions. How would you write your life’s story up to now?

Living in Full Expression: Tap Your Unique Power

Tapping your unique ability to make the next right move in the face of adversity, while maintaining dignity for all. 

Ultimate Energy Bomb: Mindset & Mood

How has your story impacted your energy?

Connection: Creating Collective Influence

We deeply value our relationships. What’s your current capacity to connect and both give and receive from others?

Voice & Choice: Embodying Commitments

 It’s important to live in a centered way, so your day-to-day actionsand commitments reflect your values. We’ll focus on centering, finding your voice, and developing your choice skills.

Integrating Conversations

Conversations offer clarity & conversations cure. Conversations integrate current realities & open possibilities. They integrate our best selves into action. 

As we move into 2020


During the weeks between sessions, you’ll receive an email with content that builds on the relevant concepts from our previous in-person session, as well as writing prompts and other resources to support your integration and growth.


Your registration is confirmed after an individual consultation with me. This is in order to ensure that all women understand the depth, approach and intensity to be sure this program is a good fit. Start by emailing me directly here.   Enrollment limited to 10 participants.


As we move into 2020, you’ll experience your Core Presence and know how to remain anchored in your daily life.


You’ll have clarity on the highest leverage places to focus your precious attention and energy. You’ll find greater joy and ease in your relationships. You’ll connect with women who understand you.


Enroll Today: $599 – Payment in Full    $212 -Three Monthly Payments      $499 Each When You Register with a Friend  

All workshop materials included.


Staying connected to my own Core Presence is an ongoing experiment to live fully, despite the ups and downs of life. Moving from my center – leading and loving from here – is how I stay on purpose with my values.

My deepest and most true work in the world comes into form when helping others listen and express their own deepest and most true self to the world. It’s especially rewarding for me to support emerging and current women leaders to live their fullest lives.


Being an instrument of change is both my own life’s work and what I help others to do. Creating trust with those who value honesty, deep listening and commitment to their success is my trademark.

My professional qualifications include a PsyD in clinical psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and professional certifications as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and Master Somatic Leadership Coach.


When not working, I’m likely making art, gardening, reading a great book, or at the aikido dojo where I practice and teach the art of peace.


I’d enjoy speaking with you about Cultivating Clarity and the support this program can provide you in refocusing and crafting the future you seek for yourself. 

Cultivating Clarity starts with you – your heart, the conversations you’re having, your story.

“Chris helped me to see deeper into myself than I could see on my own. She helped me to “crack the shell” of my life, which has opened up new avenues for me. I knew I had to make some changes and she prepared me to face them head on.” 

Diane, entrepreneur, Fulcrum Network


“Chris met me at a time of great personal and professional transition. She held me accountable to myself.  The results?  Chris helped me stake out a safe place to explore my newly emerging career path. And, she helped me to clarify a declaration for my future.  With her walking beside me, I faced significant fears and experienced the greatest growth. I never dreamed I’d make such progress.”

Barbara, supply chain, GreenBridge Partners


“Chris is an extremely creative thinker, with an incredible capacity for continual learning and growth. Her expert guidance helped me incorporate mindfulness in my daily life, providing focus and clarity. She’s a thoughtful and smart–she brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into all her projects.”

Nancy, career management coach, Columbia Business School


“Dr. Chris helped me regain my confidence and self-esteem after a few severe blows at work. Her support and thoughtfulness enabled me to see more clearly what I want, and how to navigate getting there. Engaging with her in a leadership coaching capacity has helped me far beyond what I thought possible and I’m happy with the results!”

Diane, director member engagement, Feeding America


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