The Executive Energy Audit is the starting point to reclaiming your time, energy, focus – and ultimately your self.


If you’re a female business leader – a founder, VIP, in the C Suite, or an emerging leader – who finds herself struggling to navigate a crazy busy work environment and who values both work-life balance AND powerful results, then book a 20-minute Executive Energy Audit Call –  you may be just a few best practices away from the bolder transformation you need for greater impact and fulfillment.


Oh, and if, by chance, you’re not sure about the Executive part, think again. An Executive is one who “has the power to put plans, actions, or laws into effect.” Sounds like you, right?

Book a 20-minute Executive Energy Audit Call to start your path forward.

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On this focused, pragmatic 20-minute Executive Energy Audit Call, we’ll cover four things ...

First, we'll...

Uncover your top energy leaks, and identify untapped resources to plug those leaks to renew your attention and energy. 

Then, we'll

Review strategies to dial down pressure that will support you in regulating your nervous system, transforming the pressure of busyness into clear focus, effective decisions and powerful execution.

Third, we'll

Define and craft a roadmap that spotlights your Leadership Energy Advantage that will get you more energy and focus in the next three to six months.

Fourth, we'll

Determine if we’re a good fit to move forward with me as a key player in reclaiming your energy and focus.

Chris is a magician! She taught me how to shift my energy level and mood with a few simple practices. These new skills have transformed my ability to focus on what matters most, and cut my stress level in half! I’m more productive at work, so I can be more present at home.


Jill Tyler

Business Development Strategist

Chris is an amazingly skilled professional who helped me develop solid grounding practices, expanded my awareness, and developed my ability to Pause (read her upcoming book!!) Chris brings an incredible background in psychology, energy work, Aikido, Leadership Circle, and her own mix of intuitive insights, laughter, and direct feedback. She’s a gift.


Amy Felix Reese

Global COO at Leadership Circle

With 25+ years under my belt, as a psychologist addressing trauma – outside and inside of the workplace, as a leadership coach training business leaders in the ‘soft skills’ of presence and listening, and working with entrepreneurs to juggle their vision, I was having an impact.

But I knew something was off, because I was off.  I sought to take a deeper dive, stretching myself to learn how to transform stress – first my own, then theirs – while fostering the human side of business.

  • What stress habits were getting in my way?
  • What did I want to create in the future?
  • Did I have the energy to execute if I gained clarity?

Thankfully, it’s all sorted now, though it took support and stamina. Today I’m on a mission.

We need a new kind of leader – a resilient, I-know-how-to navigate-this-craziness kind of leader who creates the future rather than simply reacting to it.

Leaders aren’t born but cultivated. Having conversations like these will not only help me fulfill my declaration, they will support you as we create a personalized, powerful, and pragmatic roadmap for you to navigate today’s stressful whitewater with ease —increasing your energy, focus, and impact.