We’re drawn to leaders with Core Presence™.  Authentic. Fierce & Focused. Capable of holding complexity while maintaining calm under pressure. Accountable.  And, because they lead from heart-felt values, we want to follow them.

Like magnets, they draw out the best in us.

At Q4 we take a whole person approach to leadership coaching, which really boils down to cultivating attention and sharpening practices where you live and work.

Your primary source of power comes not from your position or rank, but from those qualities that enable you to connect, inspire, and engage with others toward effective action. In short, these personal qualities reflect Core Presence™.

Core Presence Leadership

Develop Your Core Presence™


Core Presence Coaching

Who you are—your Core Presence™is what makes the all the difference in getting the work done, the contribution made, the world changed.


Expected Outcomes

  • Drop limiting beliefs and old habits while taking on new, skillful practices
  • Skillfully manage your personal energy
  • Increase resilience, moving from reaction to response
  • Gain self-confidence & trust
  • Develop integrated decision-making

Chris is a ‘full service coach,’ one who was able to respond my needs of the moment. She isn’t constrained by the pretenses of her profession.

Chris is incredibly flexible and responsive, yet has challenged me to stand in my power and build my capacity as a professional. She has a huge range of influence, addressing the emotional and energetic, but she’s also practical about business strategies. I needed a ‘full service coach’ as I clarified my vision and found my strength. I have come to rely on her quiet, wise guidance.

Laura Grisolano

JD, Bridge Mediation & Leadership Solutions

An excellent coach can bring out the best in a person. Dr. Chris did just that! While some “experts” resort to jargon and fast talk to give the impression of sophistication and depth, Chris lead with honesty and a substantial understanding of professional development.

She possesses “passion” for this work, and she helped me tap my own passion too. By sticking to tangible, attainable goals and exercises for my development and improvement, she helped me to better appreciate others’ points of view and expectations, and to improve my level of trust with people. I would, without hesitation, highly recommend Dr. Chris to bring out your best.

Richard Iniguez

Sales Manager, Veolia Environmental Technical

Having Dr. Chris to bounce off ideas and solutions regarding work dilemmas has been great for building work relationships in my new role. I’ve learned that resolving an issue is not always about the work, but about the impact the solution has on the people involved and the need to keep the lines of communication open at all times.

With her suggestions and feedback many situations presented have turned into win-win opportunities for everyone involved. Thanks Chris for your honest feedback and patience.

Kimberly Hatchett

Sr. Director, Blue Chip Technical Support, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Core Presence Coaching™ Awakening

Are you ready to awaken your Core Presence? To catalyze significant change? Are you willing to commit to moving toward greater awareness, choice, and engagement?


Awakening includes:

  • An Initial Game-Changing Session to Define the Destination
  • 6 – 45-minute Coaching Sessions over three months.
  • Custom journal, workbook and tools
  • 90-minute Awakening Session at the end of three months to provide a space for reflection and realizing your Core Presence™.

With this three-month commitment, you’ll identify the areas of your life to focus on. You’ll identify and begin to move beyond limiting beliefs and old habits. You’ll declare a new future for yourself and move powerfully towards it. You’ll be guided to gain clarity, identify tensions, develop new skills & practices that will lead to making meaningful and lasting shifts in your life.

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Core Presence Coaching™ Cultivating

is an intensive private coaching program tailored to those ready to move beyond limiting beliefs, and worn out patters, to reclaim your energies and create your path.


You’re ready to cultivate a new future for yourself. You’re ready to move beyond limiting beliefs, habitual patterns, and worn out behaviors. You’re ready to reclaim your energies, and explore possibilities on the path to what matters most.

If you’re ready for significant change, Cultivating may be right for you. This six-month investment will take you a long distance down the path toward cultivating your Core Presence and can be extended in 3-month intervals.

  • Three 1-Hr Coaching Sessions each month
  • Personal work assignments to catalyze your momentum (supported via email/text communication in between sessions)
  • 90-minute Cultivating Session near the three-month mark to provide a space for reflection, realignment and realizing your Core Presence™.  
  • Email access in between our meetings for extra targeted support during the month.

Work here is on Cultivating your Self: your energies, attentions, focus, and actions. You’ll gain clarity, identify & learn to shift patterns that no longer serve you, and develop new skills & practices that will lead to transformative, lasting shifts in your life.

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Core Presence Coaching™ Deepening

Is an exceptional VIP private coaching investment custom tailored to those ready to fully own their personal power and step into life more fully.


The most focused and customized Core Presence Coaching™ package, Deepening is offered in limited quantities and by application only. Here you’ll work to realize a significant transformation in your life–perhaps the most significant.

This year-long commitment involves fully owning your personal power and the incredible impact your declarations and commitments can manifest in the world.

  • Quarterly 1⁄2 day VIP days to Set The Course & Realign
  • Two I-hour Coaching Sessions per month
  • Personal work assignments to develop momentum (supported via email communication in between sessions)
  • Direct Access on Demand to Me via Text and Phone

You’ll have the opportunity to engage in 1:1 coaching to intensify your work, deepen your practice and create breakthrough progress with space for reflection, realignment and realizing your Core Presence™.

The results? Huge and significant changes in your life, with active momentum on your upward trajectory toward fulfilling on your declaration. This package is for you if you’re ready to take a deeper dive into your cultivating your Core Presence™, committing to your own personal transformation.

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Why did you become an executive & leadership coach?

The honest answer is that I’ve learned so much from having had one (four to be exact) over the years) that it’s hard to believe where my professional life would be today without one!  That said, with my background as a psychologist, interested in learning and performance, and with my training in mindfulness, which is all about awareness, adaptability and resilience, becoming a coach was as natural as breathing.

What are your qualifications to coach me or my team?

I coached employees at all levels for more than 10 years before starting Q4 Consulting, Inc. back in 2002. I hold a PsyD in clinical psychology from the Chicago School of Professional  with deep experience in healing trauma, and an extensive professional background in organizational systems work and development.

I’ve had the good fortune to train with excellent coaches. To that end, I’m  certified as an Integral Coach through New Ventures West, as a Master Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute with additional embodiment training through Leadership Embodiment and Zen Leadership. I’ve trained at the Center for Mindfulness at U Mass Medical School  and am certified as a mindfulness practitioner through the Center for Mindfulness at UC San Diego. Study of ontology and language with Fernando Flores at Pluralistic Networks rounds out my commitment to clearly thinking and powerful conversations.

When working with clients, I’m certified to use a number of professional assessments including The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP), Emotional Competence (EQ), Focused Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI), the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, and Lominger’s Talent Suite.



Who are your ideal clients?

My “sweet spot” is the intersection of women leaders and those aspiring to cultivate and lead conscious businesses.

I work with lthose who are ready to up their game of leadership and building a lasting leadership legacy.  I challenge leaders to first engage themselves in the work of transformation, and then to communicate their vision with impact and clarity to others.

As a result, they improve their personal effectiveness, resilience, and work satisfaction, while creating greater engagement and productivity within their work teams. In our work, leaders and their team members uplevel their awareness, mindsets, strategies and skills to take leadership and team collaboration and performance from functional to excellent.




Who do you work best with?

I work best with clients who are committed to success and are willing to do what it takes to learn (which typically includes getting uncomfortable, making mistakes and perhaps even failing at something), are committed to long-term growth and change, and understand the value of investing in themselves and their teams.


Hard-working, responsible, and successful people who want to up their game in life, while having fun and learning will benefit most for our work together.




Who do you NOT work well with?

Since coaching takes time, dedication, and a commitment to action, those looking for quick fixes, or who aren’t willing to get into the thick of the learning process typically aren’t a good fit.

How do you work? What can I expect?

Working with clients, consider me all in—in to you becoming your best self, in to you developing that new skill, taking that new risk, living into a better version of yourself as a leader, whatever your role.

I use an embodied learning approach as the starting point.  Working in this way promotes catalytic shifts in awareness, mindset and the skills needed to be successful.

Since I work with only a few clients at a time, you can look for a lot of personalized attention and challenge (even a push when needed) that will result in clarity, accountability, and celebration.

We’ll start with a complimentary Discovery Call to make sure we’re the right match for one another, and go from there. Learn more about Core Presence Coaching Offers.


Can I just sign up for one session with you?

Nope—Change takes time. Since your current thoughts and emotions, behavior patterns and habits didn’t form overnight, neither will your new, intentional ones.

That said, sign up for a Discovery call so I can learn more about your concerns. What I can say is that I’m 100 % all in for those I do work with, and would certainly bring that commitment to working with you

How does a coach differ from a therapist, counselor or other type of helping professional?

Unlike therapists or counselors, where the focus is often on diagnosing a problem with the professional’s expertise and then solving it, or healing the past, working with a coach is a generative experience where the focus is on co-creating new outcomes: skills, opportunities, futures.

If you imagine a cross between a hard-driving sports coach, a strategic thinking partner, a good old-fashioned and trusted friend, you’ll find an effective coach–one who will work you hard.

As your coach, I’ll ask powerful questions that have you look inside yourself for answers. I’ll challenge you, and “hold” you to your vision for yourself.  I’ll give you practices to stretch towards your future, and opportunities to develop the skills, strategies, and mindsets to fulfill on what’s most important to you.


As a psychologist, do you still see therapy clients?

Having spent much of my career working with trauma, families and couples, yes, I still keep a few select hours open for clinical clients who also receive my best attention and challenge.

Why do I need you? Can’t I just do this on my own?

Often if you’re into the DIY approach, you’ll end up feeling isolated, frustrated and stuck. Besides, if you could shift (your perspective, attitude, skills, etc) on your own why haven’t you already? All of us can benefit from alternative perspectives since they sharpen our awareness, and open possibilities. Top athletes rely on their coaches to bring out their strengths, improve on their weaknesses, and push their best performance. The same is true in life and work.



I’m super busy and overwhelmed these days. How much time will it take before I get results?

Busy-ness is not only common today, but often paraded around as a badge of honor. It’s not.

Being busy can deplete all your energies, those you really need to make a difference. Learning to pause will help, and here I’ll be your biggest supporter. Yet, truth be told, your own level of your engagement and commitment will drive how fast you see results.

I’ve never invested in myself like this before. How can I justify this expense?

It can be difficult to believe that you’re worth the investment of this kind of focus and attention, it might even feel unnerving. Yet, I know first-hand how helpful it’s been to have someone at my back, and holding me to my own commitments. Going it alone simply prolongs the process of moving towards developing the skills and tapping into your aspirations for the future.  And, consider this, what’s the cost to you if you don’t work with a coach?



I’m not quite ready to get started, is there a way to sample your work?

Sure! I’d love for you to sign up for my bi-monthly e-newsletter! You can also download my FREE e-book, The Leadership Pause: Cultivating Your Life’s Potential by clicking here. 



I still have a few questions for you. Can I talk with you on the phone?

Absolutely! Set up a complimentary Discovery Call with me so we can talk about your concerns in more detail and I can answer any questions you have.

Working with Chris, I began to appreciate that my capacity to lead and transform my organization could only increase through others. At first “mindfulness” sounded to me like squishy overused synonym for group hugs and undisciplined leadership

I’m very thankful that I was open-minded enough to listen, read and learn about the science behind Chris’s Core Presence Coaching™ process, based in mindfulness practices. By acknowledging and appreciating the need to connect with others, and practicing mindful awareness, I was able to engage more deliberately with co-workers and lead in the organization.

Nick Blawat

VP Strategy , US Foods