Pause-to-Purpose Workshop


To begin 2023, it’s important to be intentional about what you want to create, especially regarding how you want to feel this year. 

It’s not only important to consider what you want to Do, but ultimately, how you’d like to Be in 2023 

 The story of the empty jar is useful to demonstrate this point. 


You take an empty glass jar, and first, you fill it with big rocks. The rocks are the most important things, the must-dos like landing a big client you’ve been pursuing or making that bonus a reality. 

Then around the big rocks, you fill the space with pebbles, important tasks all, but not life-changing at all.  

Around the pebbles, you pour in sand – those interesting distractions that pull you out the moment but are really unimportant in the long run.  Could be as simple as playing Wordle.

Regarding work, the big rocks are clients, revenue initiatives, team dynamics, networking, etc. 

All good. Except that you realize, like I recently did, that you’re working over the holidays –and therefore have less time with family and friends.  

Or on your birthday or anniversary.  

Or you never really turn work (or your phone) off for more than a few hours.   

Or you feel resentful when you remember that you really had wanted to attend that concert so you bought 4 tickets . . . but you now realize, it’s tomorrow and you don’t have time . . . 

And, you find you’re often drained, irritable, and disconnected. 

As someone who has always, and I mean always, felt like there was never enough space in my life, a recent epiphany came in a flash and up-ended my thoughts, and planning for 2023. 

 I had it all backwards!  Pretty sobering for someone who bought into the story of a well-thought-out and crafted plan! 

When I reflected on those times traction had moved me forward, those times that I was most successful, when I had decided to pivot. . . 

All of them occurred when I tapped into what was most important to me. When I focused on my purpose. When I let creativity guide me and made room for fun. 

This shifted my entire perspective! 

 If you’d like to shift your perspective, join me for a 2.5 hour workshop – in-person (room for 6) and over Zoom on Saturday, January 21st. (It’s only $1 & change).

 I took the lessons that have supported me the most and combined them into the Pause-to-Purpose Workshop. 

 We are going to be purposeful and have fun exploring your intentions for 2023 so you can: 

  • Stop reacting and start responding to be more focused and content in 2023 
  • Learn to interpret the sensations in your body for clarity and wisdom
  • Zero-in on your purpose to focus your time and energy on things that matter 
  • Choose your One Word for 2023 as a touchstone to guide your decisions 
  • Engage in a fun, creative process to craft your vision for 2023, and plan how to put it into action 

 In the process you’ll up-end how you place those rocks in the container and play with a pivotal new idea: 

YOU are the rocks


You. Your family. Wellness. Your kids’ birthdays, anniversaries, and special events. Reading books. Vacations and trips and planned self-care. Hobbies you miss. 

Those are the big rocks. Everything else fits around that: work, clients, old responsibilities . . . because those are the pebbles and the sand.

Essential, yes, but You and Your Big Rocks go in the jar first. 

“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”

-- Rabbi Shemuel ben Nachmani