Your Core Presence

A Women's Mini-Retreat
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Living in the world today can feel particularly challenging and vulnerable.


With the taxing demands of our 24/7 lives our connections to ourselves and one another can wane.


Our confidence can take a dip.


Our resilience and spirit can be diminished.


As a result, you may be feeling one of two ways:  dull and exhausted, or wound up too tightly and anxious.


Are you moving through your days feeling the weight of the world dragging you down or uncomfortably on edge?


Neither of these painful conditioned ruts occurred overnight, and of course, you didn’t set out to live each day feeling more disconnected and constricted.


You intended to focus on your own well-being, self-care, and the things you find most important. Instead, unbelievably (still don’t know exactly how it happened!), you got derailed.


Others’ needs have come first.


And, that clarity and support you thought you had, well it vanished. Either that or you’re too tired to access it!


That path you want to travel seems so far away, and you’ve been unable to access your own innate wisdom and cues as a compass.


The end result?


Your zest is gone.


You need rejuvenation. 


And this mini-retreat is your first step to reclaiming yourself!


August 25, 2018
11 am to 6 pm

Oak Brook, IL


Core Presence™ is that spark of aliveness and energy within each of us.

Tapping into your Core Presence™ will allow you to learn practices to embody your innate fullness, creativity and radiance.

It feels like coming home to yourself.


As women, it’s deeply nourishing to gather in a women’s-only space to deeply explore our Core Presence™ and express our body’s  natural movementpowerful, beautiful, delightful from a place of internal satisfaction and creative expression, not performance.


As women, when we sync up with the spark of our Core Presence™ within our bodies, we lead ourselves and others from a place of relaxed power. From this place of wholeness, we create our most vibrant, meaningful lives.

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

-- Wayne Dyer

By participating in the Core Presence Mini-Retreat, you’ll:

– Feel more relaxed, settled & at home within yourself

– Tune-in to your own timing & sync up with your body’s rhythms

– Feel softer from the opening of space within yourself for greater aliveness & creativity

– Trust yourself more deeply through accessing your body’s intuitive ‘knowing’

– Connect to yourself through movement, mindfulness & a creative Zentangle process

– Access your energies so you feel alive & nourished

– Go home with practices & supports that help you focus on what matters most


Core Presence™ Mini-Retreat Retreat Schedule

11am –1 pm       Welcome circle: energy movement practices, mindfulness, breath

1 pm – 2 pm        Lunch break (bring your own lunch) & snack to share

2 pm – 4 pm        Zentangle creative nourishment, restorative breath, body & mindfulness

4 pm – 5 pm        Conversation Circle: exploring Core Presence™ feminine power

5 pm – 6 pm        Tea & Closing Circle


Dr. Chris L. Johnson will lead the events of day. Guest artist, Shawna Oertley, will guide a creative Zentangle process.

Registration Details


$97 for mini-retreat day and all materials


$187 for mini-retreat day, all materials and a 60-minute private coaching session with Dr. Chris.

These spaces are very limited, please book early.


1211 W. 22nd St,

Training Center – 1st Floor

Oak Brook, IL 60523

There is ample free parking available.

You’re a Perfect Fit for the Retreat If: 

  • You’re seeking greater influence and impact

  • You believe that connecting your experience with nature, your body, and others is central to developing yourself

  • You’re willing to contribute to creating a safe space for everyone—including you—to explore uncomfortable questions and embodied patterns

  • You’re committed to the work (and reward) of living life fully, connected to your purpose

  • You believe in transparency. You’re willing to be open & honest about your challenges and questions, and willing to try something new — a practice, a conversation, a perspective

  • You’re growth-minded, in a transition, and ready for more clarity, focus, and ease in your life and work

  • You’re ready to move out of limiting beliefs, embodied patterns and overwhelm to live fully and mindfully in the moment


1211 W. 22nd St, Training Center,  Oak Brook, IL 60523


Chicago is about a 90 min drive to Bella Vista Suites in Lake Geneva.


Madison is about a 75 min drive from Bella Vista Suites in Lake Geneva.

If you’re a woman who longs to take a deeper dive into self-care, because you know it’s the most powerful way to transform the world, this mini-retreat is for you.