Rhythm Ritual is a workout

to strengthen your focus and impact.


What if you took an hour to clear out space in your head and heart to connect with yourself, your clients, and your projects?

Can you imagine?!

It all starts with a 60-minute guided pause I call the Rhythm Ritual.


Rhythm Ritual is for you if you’re interested in:
  • losing your Sunday night anxiety by clearing out space for what’s important
  • intentionally leveraging your time each week to set priorities and plans
  • making consistent progress toward your goals
  • engaging the structure and support of a community to energize and motivate you


How does it work? 
  • Sign up by clicking the button below, Join Rhythm Ritual
  • Choose to attend one or all six sessions between 2/5-3/12/23
  • Mark your calendars with the dates you’ve chosen
  • You’ll receive a Zoom link to join
  • Come prepared with your favorite journal, pen, and beverage to engage in a 60-minute guided process


By participating in Rhythm Ritual you can relax and focus on growing yourself to make your biggest impact.


Those who’ve engaged in the Rhythm Ritual process have this to say:

“I can’t believe such a simple process could be so effective.”

“I’ve gotten back hours each week by building this into my routine.”

“Super productive! And fun too!”

The Rhythm Ritual workout follows a consistent flow of 8 strategic actions to promote your well-being and work-life integration success.