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Make Your Difference

You’re a change maker. You want to make a difference. A BIG difference.


Yet in today’s hyper-connected workplace your attention easily scatters. Not so great for making that BIG difference. 


So how then?  


By paying attention to what matters most while working with your energies in the moment.


It starts with a pause. Then taking action, focused action — on purpose.


If you’re ready to recalibrate your internal GPS and get moving, the Navigating Life Series will help lead the way. Learning to harness the intertwined threads of attention, awareness, and conversation you’ll be guided one action at a time to arrive at your chosen destination.


Then, you’ll open all kinds of possibilities to make that BIG difference.





I’m Dr. Chris Johnson

and I’m passionate about embodied learning and leadership, and I help cultivate strong leaders, healthy workplaces, and engaged, thriving communities. 

I’m passionate about You, making Your Difference.




“We’d considered other consultants, and after meeting Chris, there was no question she was the one!

Her presence, honesty, and humility with our staff has helped us take risks and implement her mindfulness practices.” 

   — Rebecca Levine, Director of Special Initiatives, MacArthur Foundation

“Chris helped us create a future for the company rather than allowing us to remain in our comfort zone by going beyond typical methods to focus on purpose, values, mindfulness.”

 — Dave Mooney, CEO Alliant Credit Union

“At first, ‘mindfulness’ sounded to me like a squishy, overused synonym for group hugs and undisciplined leadership. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m very thankful that I was open-minded enough to listen, read, and learn about the science behind Chris’ Core Presence Coaching™ process that is based on mindfulness practices.”

– Nick Blawat, VP Strategy, US Foods

“Given her classical training in psychology, mindfulness practices, and human-centered orientation, she was effective at addressing different challenges in a variety
of engagements. Personally, I felt the positive impact Chris delivered, and highly recommend her given the quality of her work.”

— Harry Zhu, CFO & SVP of Finance, Alliant Credit Union

At ‘Celebrating Life. Celebrating Uncertainty: Mindfulness Skills for Success’ an event for our nursing leaders, I learned how mindfulness can help me deal with & face conflict. What an eye-opener! And, that it can be developed as a daily practice. Practice, practice, practice!

– Tess Callanta,  RN, Rush Copley Medical Center

Leadership Coaching

Our whole person approach to leadership coaching boils down to cultivating attention and sharpening practices where you live and work.

Teams & Culture

When leaders & their teams align around the organization’s purpose, energy ignites, cooperation increases, and commitment to a greater contribution in the world expands.


Operating “mindfully” — in the moment an event occurs — enhances the ability to both identify and minimize sources of stress while enhancing competencies that build resiliency.


Self-awareness is at the very core of what it means to powerfully lead our lives. And, it lives in the quality of our conversations, first with ourselves, then with one another.

We’ve enabled emerging and established leaders and their teams to:

  • create cultures of trust via commitment practices
  • develop embodied practices for transformational change
  • become a stand for living their compelling vision into the marketplace

The intertwined threads of Attention, Awareness, and Conversation serve as the backbone of Q4’s customized consulting and leadership coaching practice.

Developing your Core Presence™ as a leader and step into great challenges, thrive in the process, and create real value in the marketplace and the world.

Engaging in the Core Commitment Cycle™ with your team will strengthen your culture as team members co-create pragmatic, actionable commitments for action.

Results? Work gets done, trust deepens.

Extraordinary leadership is a way of being that begins with attention and awareness.

Aware leaders embody an authenticity that makes others want to follow. They respond fully to each situation, moment to moment.

  • They’ve honed their decision making amidst the day-to-day chaos.
  • They’re engaged with their employees and colleagues and keep their commitments.
  • They’re avid learners who increase the potential for stunning, sustained, and impactful success.
  • They skillfully declare an effective path for the future.

As a leader, what kind of path are you creating?

Organizations strongly reflect their leadershow they see the world, the actions they take, their way of being and working in the world.

Team members will follow your lead. When your actions are congruent with words, your very presence produces trust, engagement, and inspiration.

Challenging times, extraordinary results.

Transformation begins with you.

Exemplary leadership is a way of being, whether you’re leading others or leading your own life. Leadership can be developed: it’s a choice and an option. It’s a skill and an art that can be developed through commitment and practice.

                                                   -Richard Strozzi-Heckler



I’ve worked with Chris over the years, always a positive experience.  Not only she was my executive coach, but also a facilitator to build our team dynamics on two different occasions.  Given her classic training in psychology, mindfulness, and human-centered orientation, she proved skillful in addressing different challenges in variety of engagements.  Personally, I felt Chris delivered a positive impact, and highly recommend her!

Harry Zhu

CFO & SVP of Finance, Alliant Credit Union

In the years that I’ve known Chris she has proven to be an exceptional coach and advisor. As a business owner it’s easy to get caught up in the details of the business and lose your perspective as to what’s really important in the long term. When I talk to Chris about what’s going on in my company and the issues I’m facing, I always seem to find the crucial breakthrough I need.

Paul Bailey

President, ProSort Services


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