What are you practicing these days?

Whether practice makes perfect (my first-grade teacher said so) or if practice simply makes better (my aikido sensei teaches this), it makes good sense to know what we’re practicing.

In fact, as human beings we’re incapable of not practicing. Our biology takes in stimuli from the environment, for example temperature, and quickly responds by adjusting, perhaps first by shivering if too cold, or sweating if too warm.

We can then shift our behaviors to bring our biology back into equilibrium by putting on a sweater or opening a window for more air flow.

Pausing to intentionally notice what we’re actually practicing (i.e. following the wisdom of our body’s response to temperature) in our day-to-day interactions, at home, or in our work environments is invaluable to creating a life of meaning.

Did you know, we practice moods and attitudes as well behaviors and actions?

When we know what we’re practicing we can sync up our practices with what we care about, making our practices deliberate and our lives not only more congruent, but more meaningful in each moment.

Bringing conscious, intentional awareness to what we’re practicing moves us toward embodying an action or quality that supports our showing up to more fully engage in life vs. merely reacting out of unconscious habit.

Practice simply makes life possible. So, what are you practicing these days?


A shining example of someone practicing resilience and grit – and fueled by the belief he could make a small difference – is Colonel Tom Moore (pictured above).

The now 100 year-old British army veteran set out to raise £1000 for the National Health Service (NHS) Charities Together, ” for the sake of the nurses and the NHS we have, because they are doing such a magnificent job .

He took on the challenge of walking 100 lengths of his garden, which measures 82 feet, ahead of his 100th birthday. The 100th lap was completed on April 16 with incredible fanfare from his many supporters!

The difference Col. Tom has made is astronomical both in terms of money – raising £32 million ($40 million) – and the brightening of lives around the world with his acts of fortitude and generosity.

In fact, HRH Queen Elizabeth II was so moved that she dispatched an aide to hand-deliver Col. Tom a personal card to mark the occasion of his 100th birthday.

This is a reminder for us to act on what we’re called to do since we can never fully predict the impact we’ll make. Cheers, Col. Tom!

Build Your Skills, Get Support

The impacts you’re feeling from the massive changes in the world are tricky.

One moment you’re rolling with it and telling people you’re fine, ” I got this .”

The next thing you know, you’re sobbing, yelling at the TV, or utterly exhausted at 10:22 – in the morning. It’s up, and it’s definitely down.

Your bubble of safety has been pierced. Now what?

By focusing intentionally on your familiar daily experiences you’ll find a link back to remembering the beauty and freedom of being alive.

Your mind and body will drop some tension and relax into the ‘everyday.’ You’ll experience a welcome sense of calm and steadiness. More up, less down.