Tomorrow’s a big day, mid-term Election Day 2022.

You might be most concerned about the economy and rising prices, the uptick in catastrophic weather events, challenges to our democracy, or the lingering impacts of COVID-19.

America is a Big Idea, an organic experiment. It’s predicated on the notion that a diverse people can come together in the belief that liberty and justice is for all.

And that by extending trust, and working for the greater good, all can be free and prosperous.

Intense polarization has amped up our awareness and our agitation. How we govern ourselves might seem abstract or remote, but its consequences are everyday, personal, and intimate. 

Many of us are gripped with fear, flooded with outrage or overwhelmed with sorrow. Yet even amid all these emotions, you don’t have to be swept up and away into reactivity. 

It’s important for those of us who hold our freedoms and rights seriously to be a stand for the ordinary life that we share as citizens.

But being a stand in our polarized, tension-filled landscape requires radical action in the face of uncertainty and fear. It requires courage in the face of it all.

Beyond ideologies, we’ve all got more in common than not; we’re all ordinary humans adapting to life in the 21st century as best we can.


On Election Day

As you greet the light of Election Day, start your day with a pause. Stand or sit at the edge of your bed.

Experiencing the power of your own breath in the moment allows your nervous system to settle and your mind to clear.

Release any tension you notice in your body with a big out-breath. Repeat in- and out-breaths a few times until you feel more settled.

Now direct your attention to your feet, feeling the solid ground beneath them. Feel the floor rising up to meet you.

Pause to reflect on what you care about, and feel it in your heart.

Consider that those with alternate or opposing political views often care about many of the same things. Take an extra breath here and allow your heart to open a smidge more.

Then with a deep breath reflect on the following and repeat aloud to yourself:

  • I give myself permission to be with any emotional discomfort I experience today.
  • I choose to be a stand today; I care about my country & community.
  • I choose to assume good intent on the part of my fellow citizens and their choices.

We vote in many ways every single day. In addition to the ballot box, we offer a ‘vote’ when we speak up for injustice, spend our dollars with businesses that reflect our values, give donations to those in need, sign a petition, or work/volunteer for a cause that matters to us.

Claim all the power you have – and use it every day


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