I’ve always loved a good plan, and embrace having plans to maximize my projects, outings, and even vacations.

But more to the point, a good plan helps me to relax.

Last week, I needed to make a new plan. This plan is to launch my book in July – The Leadership Pause.

This would require my attention to develop a set of detailed steps to ensure success. I was eager to get going!

The end result? I had a plan with a full slate of items to move into action come Monday morning. I could now let go and take some personal time to enjoy the weekend!

Fickle fate had another plan.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed some down time and a few activities. By Sunday afternoon I was feeling rewardingly tired, but by Sunday evening I could feel something was off. Nothing a good night’s sleep couldn’t remedy!

Monday morning, book launch plan in hand, I was determined to plug away on tasks, and I did, though a slight headache came to visit mid-afternoon. 

 Tuesday morning rolled around and my body was clearly trying to get my attention. Three waves in a row of nausea and fatigue left me feeling fuzzy and run wayyyyyyy down.

The nausea’s what got my full attention. It slowed me down enough to pause and get curious. 

 Though mask mandates have been lifted in Chicago for about a month, my husband and I have been careful in our comings and goings. Could we have caught THE virus?!

I took a COVID test, and to my surprise – I tested positive!

I didn’t want COVID!!

I was NOT happy!

COVID thwarted my good plan and stole my focused energy just when I needed it most!

On top of the symptoms, I was now fighting with myself about what I should be doing! What I had planned to be doing!

Stubborn? You wouldn’t be wrong in saying so. My resistance only cost me precious energy in a battle I’d never win.

It was my mind, my thinking about the situation, that made my plan untenable, my energy worse.  

How do you handle adjusting your plan? 

If we’re frank with ourselves, we know that change is happening around us, all of the time.

Often times it occurs more rapidly than we’re comfortable with, leaving us feeling unsettled or anxious, even fearful. Like with COVID, change is largely outside of our control.

One of the amazing aspects of being human is that we’re perfectly designed to adapt to change, if we choose to be and don’t just react. 

 What snags us – again and again – is our thinking. Our thoughts, our worries, our assumptions about how it will all turn out co-mingle with our fears and result in resistance to reality.

The reality was that my good plan would have to wait until I felt better. It didn’t help to be should-ing myself.

I’m not suggesting change is easy or comfortable; yet grappling with change is a requirement of leading our lives effectively.

 While I love a good plan, and had a good plan, I was more attached to ‘my plan’ than I was to the realistic needs of my health.

 At least, that is, until I chose to let go and take a nap.

How are your thoughts keeping you from letting go of your plan?  

Resist reality or pivot the plan – what will you choose?

P.S. I’m feeling much better and have made peace with needing daily naps.