Passion-Purpose- Potential is the newly named, official blog of Q4 Consulting. It continues to be  focused on the integration of mind, body, and spirit at work, and, ultimately, in all aspects of life. However, it also reveals the shared vision and integration of Q4 Consulting with Fippinger Total Resources, Ltd.  You see, as of this past fall, Brian Fippinger & his company, Fippinger Total Resources, joined energies with Q4 to share our enthusiasm and hope for  tranformation in the workplace. Brian will share his thoughts on this integration (look for his post too), though for me I can say that I’m thrilled to be working with Brian. Not only do I respect his skill & experience, we have a lot of fun together!


Topics vary but will continue to center around ‘showing up’ to our lives: at work, at home. It’s only when we ‘show up,’ or experience being present to what’s unfolding at any given moment, that possible transformative results can occur in our workaday world.

At Q4 we hold that there’s a scientifically grounded way to use the felt stresses of daily life to cultivate leadership, to transform our conversations while actively engaging conflict, and to develop community for greater ecological health and social justice.  Ultimately we believe this creates prosperity in the true sense of the word, prosperity built on a deep, lived experience and quality of life. In short, we’re up to creating a whole new way of working effectively together in the world.

Writing here you’ll find topical threads that weave together this new model for working with stress and change to create results that matter.  From mindful leadership to the process of transition & change in life and work, and on to the business case for staying connected (networking) you’ll hear our voices citing the impact of current neurobiological research on  leadership, stress & resiliency, acknowledging the significance of just how we use language to create life, the importance of ‘presence‘ on business development, the importance of creativity & innovation to engaging in conversations for action and  life-long learning . . all of these and the like will show up here.

We’re eager to hear from you, dialogue with you, extend our shared learning as ways to continue to transform work and life as we know it.

We guarantee that reading Passion-Purpose-Potential you’ll come away with at least one new idea, story or practice that you can implement that will make ‘showing up’ just a bit more intriguing that you could’ve imagined.