Like many of you, I’m curious about how to best move into 2017.

It might sound strange to say it this way, since, yes, the year’s already underway.  Yet, my question is really about how to fully embrace the upcoming changes not only of a new year (which is always challenging in and of itself), but also of a new political administration coming into power.

I don’t usually wax on about politics, yet this year, given the deep consternation, confusion and difficulty engaging in conversations of importance, conversations that tap below the surface and deep into our collective psyche as Americans, it seems a fitting way to express my curiosity–how best to move into 2017?

This time calls us to step back and reflect on how we can be most present to what’s unfolding while simultaneously standing our ground for what’s most important to us: our values and freedoms for all, no exceptions.


Our presence matters. Our choices matter.

I don’t say any of this because I find it easy. I don’t.

I don’t say this to pontificate or preach. I won’t; that never works.

I do say this because we have the amazing gift of free speech in this country of ours.

To voice our concerns, while listening deeply to the concerns of others, is not only an act we hold in high regard, extending dignity to all, but the responsible act of an engaged citizen.

The question, then,is how shall we move into 2017? More to the point, how shall you and I move into 2017, you know, each of us individually, in our personal lives not just in the abstract?


Our presence matters. Our choices matter. This choice matters.

Since I’ve been sitting with this for some time, here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I’d love to hear what you think. 

I choose to move into 2017 . . . . . .  with an open heart, when I’d rather be closed off.

With an attitude of curiosity, when I’d rather hold onto judgmental attitudes.

With candor when being vulnerable stirs up fear in me.

Moving thoughtfully, and intentionally into 2017 will set the tone we hold for living and moving and making a difference.

How will you move into 2017?